Monday, June 1, 2015

Gemini Ascendant July 2015 Vedic Horoscope/Forecast/Transit

The major theme of this month will be the Sun, Mars and Mercury all aligning in the sign of gemini transiting and highlighting your 1st house of self and physical body. It’s going to be on your starting new ventures and your confidence. It's really all about you which could also be influencing your physical body anything that has to do with your presence. You are putting lot importance on new beginnings, on the physical body and on a sense of confidence. Mercury the planet of communications in gathering information, so this is a time when you be more mentally active, making more decisions, more talkative ideas are like coming down from the from your mind and putting a lot of focus on what's important to you. Mars is the planet of war, ego oriented, aggressive assertive, and invitation. Where Mars goes there is to be a lot more impatiens, restlessness and activity. This time it's more intense because Mars and with the Sun. Mars is making you be more courageous, adventurous, assertive, taking the lead and being more risk-taking. But Mars can be selfish can be competitive in the arguments. So you are definitely going to have a lot more motivation, confidence and courage going after what you want. but you could also be more careful to other people too. just get what you want and not really paying attention to the needs of other people attach of your more immature of with this Mars energy. The Sun, Mars and Mercury in your first house is you wanting to really initiate new projects, take the lead, have the courage and to really go for it. this stellium is excellent for exercising, being very physical, feeling courageous and strong. Mars and Mercury all in your sign of the sign is represents how the world is seeing you, how you're projecting yourself to the world. so you are coming off with a lot of a lot of charisma, a lot of passion, you are really on the centre stage, grabbing the spotlight. There is a lot of activity is going on in this month.

The Full Moon: The full moon always brings a lot of emotions to ahead. It could be a time of culmination of letting go or just bringing everything into sharp focus. This full moon falls in your 7th house is putting the spotlight on your seventh house of relationships. There could be a lot of focus on relationships and lot of things are coming to a head those matters related with 7th house.