Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bridging fear of Failure and Success (Stay Hungry, Stay foolish) Entrepreneur

en·tre·pre·neur is a noun. A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so and in lot of cases they are the innovators as well.

When we are taking a risk or say trying out something that has not been done before .. there will be chance that we may fail. We see there are innovators which constantly make something, but does not fail that often for some it is the other way round.

I say many time “Success is what we define as Success”. If lack of our analysis made us believe that we can achieve a thing in a short time. So as an entrepreneur we need to constantly stay in touch and integrate the opposite, for SUCCESS is FAILURE. We need to constantly be open for new ideas which makes things better or helps us to be successful.

Sometimes ideas are from a place where it is least expected rather than a certified authority :-) on the subject. When you are trying to do something new e.g electric car, there will be lot of experts who know how to do GAS driven cars suggest something. Their advice may be relevant but may not apply to you, where as someone who could not see the complexity of what you are doing suggest you something that may be totally unexpected which may trigger some thought in you which could lead you to where you want to be. This is one reason why we need to be a good listener and have empathy.

When Steve Jobs said that “Stay hungry”.. was to say stay hungry for answers, why , why not. “Stay foolish” be a fool to listen to ideas , be open and try them without letting ego come in the way.