Thursday, December 3, 2015

Vedic 2016 Horoscope/Forecast/Transit for Sagittarius Ascendant

Horoscope 2016 Forecast for Sagittarius Rising/Ascendant/Moon
Saturn still in Scorpio sign until January 2017.
Jupiter Entered in Leo on July 14, 2015 and stay there until august 12, 2016.
Mars enters Scorpio in Feb 2016 and join Saturn and stay until September.
Rahu shift into Leo on January 30th 2016 and joined Jupiter.
Ketu shift into Aquarius on January 30th 2016.

Jupiter is transiting in the chart is what's expanding, more optimism, opportunity, hopeful and more inspire. Where Saturn is transit in chart we might more worried, challenges, discipline, contracting  and where we have to work harder and if you stay really focused then you can accomplish a lot.

Jupiter transiting in your 9th house of Dharma, righteous action in life. The ninth house has to do with a sense of meaning, purpose and philosophy about life. The ninth house represents luck, knowledge, gurus, righteousness, long distance travel, higher learning, adventure, seeking, philosophy, expansion and prosperity. Jupiter is by itself is the planet of seeking knowledge and higher education. Jupiter feels at home in 9th house. This is a very favorable time for increasing your education and getting degree. Jupiter is about spreading information out to the world, so great for publishing, media and marketing. This is a time when you might be go on an international trip. You may get an opportunities about doing some internationally whether by communication, selling your product, it could be media, marketing and publishing. You may meet a significant teacher or guide during this transit. You are an inspiration to others and may find that you are in a teaching role to others as well. In any case education, travel and philosophy bring you great joy and expansion. Jupiter aspecting your 1st house of body so your physical body may expand means you might gain weight. Jupiter in the ninth give good vision for a better future.

Jupiter will transiting in your 10th house of  your work, reputation, action, career and visibility in the world in August 12, 2016 until the beginning of September/11/2017. You will be more optimistic and cheerful person in workplace. People start liking you and you start talking very positive and in generous way. Therefore you will get more recognition, more validation and  a lot more business opportunities in your life. You might be put more into a position of leadership and you can ask from your boss for increase in salary. This is a time when your whole career professional status expanded and attracting more honors and will get some kind of recognition in society. Jupiters in 10th house is about security, stability and more positive energy in career place. This would be favorable for receiving a promotion and gaining position. Jupiter will aspects to your second house of income and family, giving you more opportunities to make more money and you will support from family. Jupiter will also aspecting your sixth house of employment, competition, legal disputes and health matters. This would bring you a better job, increase your work projects and help you succeed against competitors. You will have more luck or support to succeed with legal disputes and if you have any health conditions the Jupiter influence will give you more protection.

Saturn is the planet of hard work, and taskmaster and Saturn teaches us are karmic lessons.  Saturn is a 30 years cycle into one one sign and it transiting in your 12th house in the beginning of 2015. Where Saturn is placed in the birth chart we have our greatest lessons to learn. Saturn is about to delays and worries in life, but it's also about focusing hard work and discipline. So Saturn has to do with maturity level. Saturn is always going to give you problems but if you're just ready to do take on all the work, responsibilities and focus wherever Saturn is transiting you will feel less pressurised. Saturn transiting in your 12th house of loss and subconscious. it's the time of wrapping up the previous cycle and a time of letting go some people. You might get depressed and feeling like you're stuck in a holding pattern. This is a very favorable time for doing a psychological self-improvement, spiritual practices, letting go and looking within for deeper meaning of life. This is favorably for working on something long-term where you are wrapping up an old cycle and also preparing and planting new seeds for the new cycle.

Mars enters Scorpio in Feb 2016 and leaves Libra sign. Mars will stay for almost 2 months in Libra and then moves to Scorpio. This time Mars Is going to be hanging out in Scorpio with Saturn for a longer period of time because Mars is going to retrograde on April 17 until June 30 2016. Transit of Mars in Scorpio will be tough may give some stressful situation. Mars and Saturn conjunction in scorpio will be tough and need to take extra precaution for physical health and travelling. Saturn and Mars is very different planets. In astrology they both are considered malefic and keep enmity towards each other. Saturn is cold, control, caution and Mars is heat,   impulsive, aggressive and energetic planet.  Saturn and Mars energy could be very exhausting and  Frustrating.  So there can be a lot of hard work, delayed and frustration in work projects. When Mars will retrograde you need to take precautions in many things. Mars is the warrior planet and Mars can deal with injuries, accidents and cutting tools. So this is not the time to be going for travelling, filing a lawsuit against somebody. Don't  file divorce proceedings against somebody or against your partner because of Mars retrograde, it trying to get to turning against you and show fight against you and may put you in more trouble.

The same applies with cutting tools like surgery. This is time not for elective surgery. It may be repeated or it could be some complications. Mars represents machinery appliances and even automobiles and when Mars goes retrograde then these machines are more to break down and need repair. You should not buy any expensive machinery appliances etc. with Mars in Retrograde. This is the time when anything you're trying to move forwards or to take action on the Saturn is holding it back and frustrating. During this time you should not launch a business or start Job. Mars is in Scorpio is going to be the joining Saturn in your 12th house of dreams, sleep, loss and subconscious. Mars and Saturn in the 12th house of isolation and Mars is going retrograde is going to really frustrating and aggravating anxiety. you may suffer from insomnia and may have bad dreams. Saturn and retrograde Mars in 12th house give explosion. Don’t go in public places where these kind of activities may occur.

Rahu is transiting in your 9th house of luck and long distance travelling and Ketu Transiting in your 3rd house of communication and skill in the end of January of 2016. Where Rahu is transiting there we feel obsessed and restless and where Ketu is transiting we don’t to want engaged. So Rahu in 9th house with Jupiter ( 1st lord of physical body and 4th lord motherland). You might be travelling and away from your country and having new experience of life. Jupiter with Rahu in the ninth house is  about opening business internationally and it could be extension of Internet website or Internet business. Ketu in 3rd house making you not interested in 3rd house things ( skill  and intelligence). You want to get away from all the skillful work and want to focus on how to enjoy your while travelling (Rahu in 9th). So careful in sibling sector, you could be not interested in dealing with your siblings

|| Best wishes and have Great Year ||