Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Reality Distortion field Steve Jobs.. Actualize Yourself

I recently watched Awake: The life of Yogananda. On Memorial service for Steve Jobs of APPLE... Marc Benioff said that they were given book of Yogananda and Steve Jobs last message was Actualize Yourself” .

I have written another article on spiritualism as how Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg may have benefited from it

“Reality Distortion Field” when looked from Steve Jobs perspective of “Actualizing Yourself”. We may realize that there is some context or truth to it.

“Actualizing Yourself” is realizing our full potential. What is our full potential? Most of us try to follow what others have done and follow their steps.

When we look at Steve Jobs, he did lot of first and created different ways of making things better. His products made customer happy. Even though all the products were not successful, what succeeded made a difference in people’s life.

In some way “Reality Distortion field” is pushing ourselves for realizing our full potential in context of "Actualizing yourself".