Thursday, February 16, 2017

Power of Gratitude

I recently became a fan of gratitude as described in Law of Attraction. Gratitude is simply saying thank you and also not complaining about anything. I tried out gratitude in my life and I think it really works. I am writing this out from my experience. Lot of the people have negative thinking. These days it is very easy to be negative than a positive thinker. It is easy to focus on the negative things. So when we think negative we also behave negative. When we are interacting with another person a negative situation become very negative. When we complain about the situation, we are avoiding the steps to change the situation. When we complain about things going wrong all the time, this creates a negative vibration and creates more of these situations for us. According to ‘’Law of Attraction’’ we attract according to our own vibration. So if you think negative you are attracting negativity from the universe.

So how do we turn things around ? Best thing is by thinking positively, start being thankful to everything what you already have and stop complaining, accept things as they are in present moment and pray/wish for good time. As soon you start this process automatically you will see a positivity change within you. You will feel peace of mind and happiness around you. if you don’t believe then give a try and feel the difference within yourself. Everything is vibration so your thoughts are also vibration. Universe works on the basis of vibration. Whatever vibration you are giving to people or the universe it is coming back to you. So if you are thinking positive you are attracting positive vibration from the universe.

Gratitude is being grateful for what you already have. Gratitude is considered a positive psychological factor that has also been associated with well-being. Gratitude are key positive factor to consider that an attitude of gratitude is related to better mood, sleep, less depressed, less fatigue, and more self-efficacy. The more gratitude you show more you have positive effects on better health, relationship and in general all areas of life. Therefore those people have increased levels of gratitude may have implications for improving health outcomes. Gratitude is considered a positive psychological factor, it is not necessarily good for all people under all circumstances.

Focusing on “thoughts of gratitude” reveal that gratitude interventions have a significant effect on improving daily positive emotions. Gratitude demonstrated strong relations with the following positive effects: joyful, hopeful, inspired, forgiving, and happy people tend to live longer, make more money, and enjoy enduring loving relationships. Positive emotions suggests that gratitude may also help individuals build other durable resources for well-being. Specifically, it may nurture creativity, intrinsic motivation, purposefulness and spark an upward spiral of positive emotions and outcomes.

This may explain why grateful people tend to be higher in vitality, optimism, religiousness, spirituality, well-being and better relationship quality ( because they are not criticizing each other). When we show gratitude we feel more happy. Happiness is often defined as a feeling of gladness, satisfaction or contentment, as a lasting sense that life is fulfilling, meaningful, and pleasant. Happiness includes emotional states of joy, contentment, positive well-being, and a perception that one’s life is worthwhile. Those people who live happily have shown that they complain less and possess an abundance factors such as joy, contentment, and the perception that life is valuable. Conversely, unhappy people shows more criticizing habits and fewer satisfying relationships and less gratitude.

So how to start Gratitude ?

Start by being grateful and stop complaining. When we complain less we feel much happier. We should complain less about what we don’t have and be more grateful about what we do have. This creates positive vibration about what do you wish you could be more happy, have more abundance and achieve in every area of life. A complaint free life, focusing positive aspects of life. Give thanks to every kind experience of life whether it is bad or good. Most of the time we learn something from our bad experience of life and our soul grow. After all we are here to learn and grow. Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life and it turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. You will start to feel more relaxed, have less stress, you will feel more love in your relationships. You will feel more confident. We all live hectic lives these days. Having negative thoughts and feelings interrupt the flow of energy that is used in them a manifestation of your desires.

If you want to be successful in business and in life you must apply the law of gratitude. This is one law often gets overlooked and misunderstood. The Law of Attraction say you must obey this law. When you obey this law it will change your vibration and we attracts things according to what kind of vibration you have. Some people attract good relationship in their life and some are not because of their own vibration,  If you want to have good things in your life, change your vibration accordingly what you want. The magic is all around you, the trick is to see it. We all have experienced this form of gratitude. Remember when we were growing up, we were always told to say thank you, be grateful for what we were given. Do you want more happiness, more wealth and more love, gratitude is the key to achieving all these things. With gratitude, you awaken all these things in your life. Give a try.