Thursday, February 9, 2017

Birth Time Rectification in Astrology

"A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical
harmony with one's individual karma…" – Swami Sri Yukteswar, Guru of Paramahansa Yogananda

Birth time rectification is a procedure that is used in order to determine what time a person was born, when the birth time is unknown or uncertain. Rectification is important and necessary because without accurate birth time, an astrologer  cannot predict any event of a person's life.
Why Is the Birth Time So Important?

Without an accurate birth time, it's hard to predicts events of life because ascendant sets your houses of a birth chart and according to houses, events happens in life. Without the ascendant, we don't know which house rule by which planet and it hard to predict anything. E.g. if you are Gemini ascendant then your 7th house rules by planet Jupiter and for to know about your partners we need to look where is Jupiter placed. But if you are Cancer ascendant then your 7th house rules by planet Saturn and to look for your partners we need to look where is Saturn is placed. Because of different Ascendant everything changes in life.

Method of time Rectification:

For time rectification an astrologer need to identify some of the main themes and events that have occurred in a person’s life, and then to attempt to match those facts with a chart that falls within the available time frame on the person’s date of birth.

In time rectification the primary goal is to determine the correct rising sign, which narrows the birth time down to a 1 to 2 hour time frame and Simply determining the correct rising sign is often sufficient in order to calculate the houses and other points in a chart. And to further narrow down the time of birth an astrologer need to go in person’s divisional chart to get more clear picture of person’s life events.

For time rectification a person needs to give events of his/her life events and some question’s answer about some of events and circumstances in life. To get more details about person we need to apply additional techniques in order to attempt to confirm and fine-tune the birth time.
Requirements for time Rectification:
One should know the day they were born and a some time frame . For example, if you know that you were born between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., then an astrologer would be able to help and determine what time you born.  Birth time rectification is very time consuming and but not difficult. If a person has some idea of the approximate time frame in which they were born then it is much more manageable and the correct time can be determined.
Information needed:

  1. Your birth date – month, day and year (e.g. June 7, 1975).
  2. Location of birth – city, state and country.
  3. The time frame that you were born – For example, “sometime after 4:00 p.m., and before 8:00 p.m.”
  4. Important events of life– make a list of important dates and time periods in your life.