Thursday, February 16, 2017

Prayers for Healing

‘’Everything in life is Vibration’’- Albert Einstein.

Many people ask about do prayer works?  When i suggest some remedies to my client, some people confused and asking for this question how prayer works?
So to understand this we need to first understand how this life created and how it works. Those people who have limited mind can not understand this and also not believe in astrology as well.

What is life?

Mostly people think that, which things moves is have life or live, but this not truth. There is more to this physical dimension reality, than this physical life. Life is much more complicated, than what we define life. People have no idea what to do when they are interacting with extraterrestrial life forms that don't fit any of the criteria are very much alive. All living and “nonliving” things vibrate to particular frequencies. Even life on earth exist by vibration created by Moon and Sun. If there is no Sun and Moon, life can not exist. We need to start finding accessory terms of consciousness what constitutes something being alive is in fact the ability to be aware to perceive.

As we know life is from unseen to seen. Nowadays we can see there is so many equipment from which, we can see what is blood or what is in plasma. If microscope not invented we also not able to see these things and able to understand how we get disease and get sick. The Viruses and Bacteria are an example of conscious beings which are very much alive but we are not able to see them from naked eyes it does not mean they does not exist. If you are not able see anything it does not means it does not exist. Likewise you can not see vibration of prayer but it they exist.

life is created from an vibration and everything in this universe is vibration. Vibration can be silent like thoughts and it can be sound like song. I think everyone ‘’think’’ but is anyone saw their thought? I think answer is “NO’’.  Like this we know “thought” exist but we could not see them, so likewise we could not see prayers but it exist.

“Prayer is the medium of miracles.”

Prayers is focused thoughts for something you want in your life. What are thoughts?  Thoughts are the waves of energy that travel in the space. When we pray the the focused form of prayer are able to receive and send both human thoughts and emotions to the universe.
In vedic astrology there is so many “Chalisas” for every problem in life e.g. Hanuman Chalisa.  An astrologer suggest you to recite some chalisa according to your problem in your birth chart. For example if you have fear problem then astrologer suggest you to recite Durga chalisa. why? because Durga chalisa words are design in way that create a vibrational field around you which protect you from fear or it works in your conscious mind which clear out your mind with low or negative frequency of fear. Every emotions have frequency.

Illness and disease have a low vibration which blocks the flow of vital life-force. Healing takes place when high frequency energy ( prayer) is channeled to that person. It transmutes the low vibration of the illness and allows the physical body to return to good health.

Prayer are incredibly adept at bringing us back to high vibrational state health in harmony, by offering a high vibration that we can use to retune ourselves, which works on an energetic level of your body. Likewise when you listen to a song that makes you feel good or spend time your person makes you feel better. Remedy from prayer are some of the most powerful remedy who have energy but not have any physical dimension.

Prayer is a emotions of pure energy. The power of prayer can be quite amazing. Meditation is a form of prayer which helps us quiet our busy minds so that we can become connected and  open to listening, being, and hearing from Universe. If you practice prayer on daily basis it energize and heal our energy systems. Prayer is the energy by which we can attune our mind and our consciousness.

Every (emotions) thoughts have vibrations and these emotions have frequencies and if your prayer’s  frequency matches with universe frequency then your prayer gets fulfilled. Enlightenment have highest form frequency. If you get enlightened you will get anything you want but when someone get enlightened the person have nothing to desire, because enlightenment is the highest form of happiness. That is the reason enlightened people have powers to cure others and fulfilled other people desire because they reached to the same level of energy of this universe which works on the basis of pure divine love. So pray for someone whom you love most and want to get better life for them.  Consult with me if you want to understand yourself better and want to take best action for your life.  GET Consultation