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Venus Retrograde 2017 for Each Ascendant

Venus will enter in Pisces sign on 27th January 2017 and will stay till may 30th 2017. Venus normally goes through a sign in approximately 25 to 27 days. But due to its retrograde cycle it can stay in one sign for about four months. This year 2017 Venus is going to  retrograde in Pisces sign from March 04 2017 and will direct on April 15 2017 and stay there till may 30th 2017. Venus will stay in Pisces sign almost for 4 months because of its retrograde motion.

Venus is the planet of love, money, what we value, respect and when it's Retrograde, it is a catalyst for internal focus for all these things. Venus represents a sense of personal worth and value, the quest for pleasure as well as the urge to beautify both inner and outer spheres of the self. Psychologically Venus also symbolizes self-esteem. When Venus turns inward it focuses on its sense of self worth, needing reflections of what it values in environment and in relationships. So when Venus retrograde in Pisces, people will make connections at this time on a more subconscious level and the results of that connection may not be immediately apparent to them. Retrograde planets being the "observer of life”. They will not express whatever is going on within but will also be sort of floating above and self watching and taking in all the lessons, making clarity as much as possible and you will see, know, understand and connect with in yourself. During retrograde periods the planetary energy is apt to be more reflective, focused and internalized in order to integrate what has previously occurred in its cycle.

Venus exalted in last degree of Pisces and Venus in Pisces is “Happy for all or Happy for no reason”. Exalted retrograde planets are tricky. It's said in Vedic astrology that any exalted planet retrograde considered as debilitated. So during Venus retrograde in Pisces transit wise or in your birth chart, a deeper relationship issues surfacing. it is a time to contemplate what one's deepest, most personal needs are and from what those needs originate. It is a time to explore one's own needs for love and nourishment and to examine one's capacity to receive both of these life necessity. The Retrograde Venus in Pisces it's a time of reorientation and a sense of renewal in relating to the world as a loving and spirited individual. Venus retrograde implies the time in the cycle when we withdraw from relationships to reflect upon them. The period is a time to be secluded, reflective and Meditative. Love and suffering are fused during this Venus retrograde. On the collective level deceptions (especially self-delusions) with people may be revealed, where you can examine the past in your lives as it reaches into the present to see where your hearts went wrong. Then, as you come to awareness, what you can let go of that past, heal the wounds by forgiving ourselves and others, and move on. (Pisces sign quality). In your intimate life, you are now going through unexpected thunderstorm, and be ready to move to higher level of consciousness.

The effects for Retrograde Venus for each  Ascendant:

Aries Ascendant: For you Venus retrograde in your 12th house. 12th house is private house and past life house. Relationship issues to pop up during this transit and they have to overcome. Retrograde Venus transit or in 12th house makes you suppress in your desires. The most important thing of 12th house is to show the way to inner peace and happiness, rather than to validate a negative view of yourself. You are very connected to your spiritual world. You are happy being alone and even prefer solitude. Some retrospection can reveal memories of past life painful relationships and a great misunderstanding about the nature of love. You have a great capacity to dedicate themselves to a higher purpose and you could be good humanitarian in your life activities.  

Taurus Ascendant: For you Venus retrograde in your 11th house. Venus retrograde in your 11th house. Venus retrograde will testing and complicating relationships.  Venus retrograde 11th house of group activities, events, networking and friendships.  The 11th house of aspirations and goals the Venus retrograde could just be a time when you're readjusting in reviewing.  When Venus retrograde then any kind of relationships friendships, love could become more complicated and you're not sure what's going on. Relationships may be more complicated and hurt your relationship for whatever reason and you may be separated because of work or other obligations. If you don't start out working to resolve the problems it could be the beginning of the end of a friendship.

Gemini Ascendant: For you Venus regrade in your 10th house. Venus retrograde will testing and complicating relationships at your career place. How you value status and reputation. Venus in 10th house favorable for business, be more diplomatic and more charming. It's good for income for entertainment creativity but with love there could be some problems or some complications going on with any kind of close personal relationship.  At the job a particularly if there is any kind of attraction with an authority figure which can complicate your reputation or name, you needs to be careful. What you would like others to think about you can become a focus in this period. What is your reputation worth this will be main issue in this transit.

Cancer Ascendant: For you Venus retrograde in your 9th house. Your values around ethics, religion, spiritual ideas and life philosophy could come up for re-assessment.  With Venus retrograde, one's love relationships can be very unconventional. You may meet people who are very different and help to broaden your perspective and this will help you expand your horizons. Retrograde Venus can complicate your relationship with guru’s and fatherly figures in your life. There could be  problem in enjoying your vacation. Venus is retrograde in 9th house can give problem financially. There may be some encounter with new relationship while traveling which makes you think and may give result in future.  

Leo Ascendant: For you Venus retrograde in your 8th house. This the time when you will reflect upon intimacy with your partner. Sexual dissatisfaction will be on the surface and where you want to try to fulfill yourself . You’re undergoing a transformation through a more deep level of primary love. During Venus Retrograde cycle, pull back from the effort of intimacy and let your past loves pops up to the surface. Reflect on the effects of previous heart storms in your life.  The shocks of up welling, the turbulence, and the resulting damage as romantic passion struck, then receded . Remember what you felt and did, then move to the higher ground of perspective and detachment. Forgive, heal, and prepare to love again.

Virgo Ascendant: For you Venus retrograde in your 7th house. This is the time Reflect on your relationship patterns. Set time aside to review and renew your relationships, perhaps recommit yourself to your partner. Which do not support you or to risk being vulnerable with a loved one. It is also time to bring what is incomplete in a past relationship in order to bring resolution and let it go. Therefore what was incomplete or left unresolved in an important relationship may surface again for consideration. With Venus retrograde, relationship matters that have been hidden become known. It’s harder to hide issues that are stressing you from the inside. You become more sensitive. This is a time of slowing down and think on relationship matters.
Libra Ascendant: For you Venus retrograde in your 6th house. The 6th house is the house which has to do with health and service. Venus retrograde in the 6th house is time to rethink on your health. Because Venus in 6th house makes you indulging in food and drinks which cause health issues. You are not able to able control your wrong habits of food intake. This will be good time to think upon your daily food habits so that you can stay healthy and wealthy. As we all know if you have good health it can help you to make more money. There is proverb in Hindi “Jesa Khaye Ann Vesa Hoye Mann” ( whatever you are eating it have direct effect on your body.). So if you make conscious choice in food you can stay healthy.

Scorpio Ascendant: For you Venus retrograde in your 5th house. This may be a period in which you choose to refocus your creative impulse and redefine what truly you want to create. You are not open when it comes to love relationships, and have trouble expressing your affections. You have hard time with lovers and children and any misunderstanding will stay longer. For those women who are thinking to get pregnant not a good time for that. There can be an issue due to retrogression of Venus energy. Not a good time to invest in any stock market during Venus retrograde, you may lose money. This is the time to rethink and make a new partnership or love when Venus gets forward.

Sagittarius Ascendant: For you Venus regrade in your 4th house. 4th house is your inner peace and home environment. You are not satisfied with your home life. You may neglected by your mother love. So you want lot of love and reassurance from your mother. Mother life will be affected. Therefore Venus retrograde in 4th house reflect on your soul and core values of peace and your true nature. The set of circumstances in your home that really makes you upset and you want to change and redefine yourself emotionally and spiritually. Venus retrograde in the 4th house is time to reconnect with your heart, feelings and what makes you feel safe.

Capricorn Ascendant: For you Venus retrograde in your 3rd house. In this time transit you may reflect on your interaction with neighbor. Suddenly there is some issue arise with your siblings or  neighbor. The issue is an internal one, and you will not able to discuss openly. You may avoid quarreling, and arguing with your siblings or neighbor. There could be problem in your short distance trip. Giving importance to your own personal desire is must and make sure of what you want, so you can ask for it clearly and effectively because whatever you desire at this time fulfilling that desire may delay and you may feel frustrated.  

Aquarius Ascendant: For you Venus retrograde in your 2nd house. The retrograde period may also highlight the current financial condition forcing a review of investments or reassessing the budget. Financial decisions of the past need to be Reconsidered. You are entering a period when you may realize that you are not getting enough of what you want from your financial resources. You may have feeling of not being worthy, so you will learn to value yourself what is often criticized earlier in your life. You have opportunity reflect on for what you have and what you want from yourself.

Pisces Ascendant: For you Venus regrade in your 1st house. 1st house represent your appearance and Venus is beauty.  This time you will rethink about your appearance and where you want to improve your look. You want to look good so you may want to go some gym to reshape your body or beautiful parlor to have more shine on your face. There could be a new look or refined version of what went before. This time you may reflect on your appearance can be everything, so that you can attract new love. New hairstyle, a bright scarf, a piece of jewelry, a spa bath, and a massage improves the feelings of self.

People will evolve more to greater conscious during this transit. 
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