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Child Perception of Father (Child Father Relationship) Astrology

Sun is the planet of father in astrology; by looking Sun sign and house placement of a child we get insight about father and child relationship. Sun is the main planet of personality, confidence, self-esteem and authority and all these things usually come from father.

Child’s perception of father is judged by the energy of the planet Sun in the birth chart of the child. The house placement of the Sun indicate child personality influence of the father and where a child will need recognition from father.

Sun in 1st house: 1st house is the identity. This child need constantly importance from father that he exist and is important and if father does not approve him or acknowledge him he loses confidence. Father is perceived as a strong link to identity.

Sun in 2nd house: 2nd house is of material wealth. Value and security. This child will see his father as source of material security. This child need father approval to feel valuable or worthy. Father is the main person in their life who put values in their life.

Sun in 3rd house: 3rd house is of courage, ideas. Communication and siblings, this child needs that father teach how to communicate with the others. They may not feel good until father Approves their ideas and they perceive father as sibling.

Sun in 4th house: 4th house is of mother, peace and home, this child perceive father as motherly figure and provide strong security in their life. Father is perceived as a more nurturing than mother. They have emotional bond with the father.

Sun in 5th house: 5th house is of creativity and fun. This child needs father to be playmate and involved in a pleasurable activities. If the child is creative in something they need approval from father. Father can be great inspiration to them.

Sun in 6th house: 6th house is unpleasant house of life. This child perceive father as person who can fix anything. They needs father as a safety net especially in the time trouble, they need father when they get sick and feel comfortable in the presence of father.

Sun in 7th house: 7th house is of partner and other people. This child perceive father as main person to introduce in the community and social setting. A girl have Sun in the 7th house perceive father as their partner and boy learn about relationship from father.

Sun in 8th house: 8th house is of secrets and transformation. This child perceive father as know everything and present everywhere. They feel that father is full of power and have fear from father. This child will not like to break rules openly.

Sun in 9th house: 9th house is of higher learning and wisdom about life. This child
perceive father as spiritual teacher and father have great impact on their conscious in learning about philosophy and spirituality in life.

Sun in 10th house: 10th house is of authority and reputation. This child perceives father is very important and respected figure in society. This child needs father guidance to explore their own identity in the world.

Sun in 11th house: 11th house is of social network and hopes. This child perceive father as good friend and socially active, the father have good social network. This child needs encouragement from father to fulfill their hopes and plans.

Sun in 12th house: 12th house is of dreams and isolation. This child perceive father as ‘’dream daddy’’. Father is not available when they need them.

Parent should understand their value in the respect of child. A child personality and psychology directly related with father and mother attitude towards kids. If they understand their child, Sun and Moon energy they can better understand their child and help them to grow better and successful in life.

Any planet sitting to Sun or aspected by the any planet change these perceptions. Any difficult aspect from the planet on the Sun shows the discontent from the father, and father needs to understand and should try to fix that. 

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