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Rahu (North Node) with Saturn (conjunction) Astrology

Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) are also called the Lunar Node, where the orbits of the Sun (soul), Moon (mind) and Earth (physical body) intersect. This area is very powerful, this the area where we are forced to think of our existence where we come from and what is the purpose of our life. This point is darker where we can’t see things properly in life and we have to work on it to clear the things related with the life. There they are called eclipsed point because we can’t see properly if anything is eclipsed.

Saturn is planet of karma, it deals with the native karma whether it is good or bad. Wherever Saturn is sitting in the chart it shows a major impact for that house. Saturn gives result according the naive past life and present life karma. Saturn doesn’t miss a chance to deliver his particular type of life lesson in the life of a native. Saturn ruled Capricorn sign which is the sign of reputation and power therefore, wherever Saturn is in birth chart, that area will require extra attention so that a person can fully understand his power. Saturn time makes native to understand about life and allowing to the person live a meaningful life.

When Saturn and Rahu (North Node) are in conjunction, there is a fight between restrictive planet Saturn and the obsessiveness of Rahu. These two planets opposite in nature however they both are fear and anxiety planet, but Rahu give fear and anxiety which have no basis, because it work on subconscious level and Saturn give stress and fear on the tangible things which is real. Rahu is obsession and it wants things ‘’now’’, Rahu have no patients but Saturn is just opposite, Saturn have lot have patience and actually it teaches lesson of patience where it sit, if it sit in 7th house of marriage it teaches lesson to the native to keep patience related with marriage and marriage partner, therefore Saturn always delays marriage and give frustration in the married life when it sits in 7th house.

When this conjunction occur in someone chart the native have tug of war going on between in his mind. The native wants something impatiently, but he cannot get it, because Rahu is sitting with Saturn, Saturn is the planet of restriction and delayed of the things. The native suffer through mental stress.

Rahu is futuristic thinking and Saturn is long term planning of future due to native inconsistent thinking and action native suffer in long term goals of life. Saturn is the planet of security, it provide security and inner peace by through solid carrier and wealth assets. Rahu give unreasonable phobia related with the security of life due to that the native suffer internally and externally.

1st house represent physical body if this conjunction occur in 1st house, because both planet of stress and fear. Generally these people very skinny in their physical constitution and the native suffer from health problem due too much of stress and worry of life. During their Saturn mahadasha time, person not like to eat anything and may lose weight.

Rahu is amplifier of the energy of the planet with it join or where it sitting in the house. It amplify the energy of Saturn according to sign and house placement of the Saturn.

Not every time this conjunction is bad sometimes it is good also. Let’s say if Saturn and Rahu conjunct in the second house in Taurus sign. Rahu exalted in Taurus and Saturn is happy in Taurus sign this combination in 2nd house makes person to do hard work for security and make money. The native can be good businessmen and wealthy with time.

These people need to be developing patience, consistent with their thinking and action by which they can avoid stress and fear in life.

  • Rahu and Saturn are tamasic planet, goddess Durga is the tamasic deity which give strength to fight with stress and fear. These people need to worship Goddess Durga to strengthen their mental state.
  • They also should try to do meditate so that their thinking process calm down and can judge between right or wrong

Rahu is the immaturity of mind where we need to develop here is the message for the native he needs to develop quality of Saturn planet according to the sign and house placement.

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