Friday, December 6, 2013

Venus and Saturn together (conjunction) Astrology

Venus is the planet of love and relationship, pleasure in life, capacity to love and happiness, enjoyment through sensual desire, service to people, general courteous nature, and mutual respect. Venus is the wife or girlfriend in man chart, luxurious item like car etc. and as a general relationship planet in both men and women chart. Venus is the main planet of sexuality. In lower form it is more indulge in sensory pleasure, in higher form it love for all and know how to live happy with no reason. Venus is wife in men chart, if Venus with Saturn in someone chart, man get women like this conjunction.

Saturn is the planet of world, limitation, boundaries it makes person aware of time, as Saturn shows you the truth of life. It teaches to live in reality, Saturn is disciplined, practicality, long term goal in life. Saturn makes people humble by giving harshness in life. Saturn is the steadiness of mind, power to live in lonely and do good meditation.

When Venus and Saturn are in conjunction, although Saturn and Venus are good friends in astrology but Venus is not happy when it sits with Saturn. It is situation like an old sick man come to meet his lovely friend Venus, what happened when our best friend who is sick and come to meet us, we also get sick. Saturn infuses all the quality of his into the Venus. Saturn makes frustrate related all the things which is related with Venus.

Since Saturn represents fear and Venus is love, these people feel fear in expressing their feelings of love. They think that they might be rejected by the other people. This native fearful in getting into any kind of relationship. The person frustrate in love and relationship, it bring the partner to the native who is very cold and conservative in love and relationship. The native itself is very realistic about love and relationships. Their expression of love by duty and responsibility to the family. Generally these people feel lack of love in all kinds of relationship, and they are very protective about their feelings and don’t show other people their vulnerable feelings.

Saturn brings mature and older partner or the native itself like older women. If women have this conjunction in Scorpio sign in 7th house she should be careful in choosing partner because she may get partner who is abusive. Actually these people need to marry late because Saturn is the planet of delayer of things and teacher of patience, if they marry early they might get separated and these people may suffer. Saturn give a wife to the man who is very structured and organized and frustrating in nature. However the person is very hardworking but non-romantic and realistic in approach in life. These people are willing to do compromise in relationship. These people have business-like love relationships.

Since Venus is the main planet of creativity this conjunction makes person very creative and talented in many creative field like photography, fashion designing, painting, crafting, etc.

These people have good business sense because Venus is the planet of diplomacy and Saturn is the hard work. They can do well in the areas of finance and the arts.

Both the planet of money, depending on their sign and house placement it show great amount of wealth in native life, if this conjunction occur in 2nd, 9th, 11th house

These people need to understand that Saturn is the energy of time and it makes person mature with time. These people need make self-effort to explore their inner behavior. They should learn that there is no need to defensive in love and relationship, love should be free flowing if it stuck it makes people cold. Withdrawing emotionally not good for relationship one should be open and discuss their problems related with love and relationship. These need to learn to give value themselves and love themselves and to express their appreciation for others more openly.

Here is the lesson of Saturn for these people who have this conjunction. Life is in not all about love and relationship they should think beyond this materialistic life. They should practice spiritual life and try to be happy beyond love and relationship. Saturn is the planet of older people and lower class, if they want to improve their relationship they should respect older and lower class people.