Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lesson (Karma) from Debilitated, Combust and Retrograde Planet Astrology

Many people have debilitated, combust and retrograde planet in their birth chart. They looking for the answer, what they hold any meaning in their life who have these planets. The answer is ‘’yes’’.

In astrology debilitated ,combustion and retrograde planets have some meaning in fact they are the lesson in their life.

Life is an evolutionary process and these debilitated and combust and retrograde planets show weakness in our soul and to mature soul we need to overcome all these difficulties in life so that we can evolve mentally. They just indicate where we are standing in line of evolutionary process.


Debilitated planets 

Means we lack that energy related to that planet debilitated and for overcome lack of energy we have to work hard. Generally debilitated planet put us in difficult situation in life due to lack of conscious related with Planets. In this process we may face difficult time in our life but we learn from these difficult time.

Retrograde planets 

Affect the thinking process within us due to that we get mature related to that planetary energy which is retrograde. They affect our consciousness and its relationship with its human life. Retrograde planets create confusion, misunderstanding, and imbalances, inability to control the senses, reversal has the effect of making us slow down or internalize the energy so that we can think more and understand well and get mature, in long term they are good but in the initial part of life they create problem in many areas of life. 

Combust planet 

When any planet sitting with the Sun they burn in the heat of Sun. Sun is the supreme power it consider mild malefic but satwic planet. Those planets who combust in the fire of Sun purify their negative energy so that they can learn from their past life mistakes, giving lesson them that you need to learn lesson related with that combust planet, and improve their conscious.  

If so, is it a punishment? No. It is lesson of life to evolve consciously. But, those who does not understand they think difficult things in birth chart as some sort of punishment.

Birth chart shows weakness of planets., these planets are the indicator of that we need to improve our behavior. The good thing in astrology that birth chart show the way to inner peace and happiness in life. If we understand that these thing are not bad but a learning process life can be easy and we can accept many unpleasant things in our life.

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