Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How to Change Fate (Freewill) Astrology (Astrology Free Will)

There is always debate on fate and freewill. Mostly people are confused when everything is predestined then where is freewill. I want to ask question for those people who don’t believe in free will. If there is no freewill then why we have two thoughts. According to astrology whatever is going to happen  comes in mind first in the form of thought but but but…. What happens depends on our action. Whether we want to do or not totally depends on us. That is how we create our future and preparing for our next birth. Then how can we say that everything is predestined. If everything is predestined then i think we must have only one thought and we only do one thing, but that is not the case, we always have choice for our actions therefore we all have freewill to create our future.

Some people always blame oh my star like this that is why i am like this, no it is not like this. Astrology is there to help or guide people to give them information about their behavior and mind set according to the planets, sign and house placement of the planet which shows the individual nature and in what area of life it manifest. So if we can understand ourselves better and avoid problems in life by just blaming the fate or destiny we are hiding our weakness about what we cannot do or even are not trying.

If we are ready to accept and correct our self we can change many things in our life and be happy. We all have free will, but we need to understand. OK let me give some example.

If someone have debilitated Mars and it rule second house which rules food habits, value system and wealth. What it means that the person have lazy lifestyle, don’t want to wake up in the morning, don’t want to do exercise, have bad eating habits, have no discipline, have weak value system because Mars is the planet of action and discipline in the movement. This person will suffer from weight gain, may have diabetes, (diabetes is not only given by Venus but it also given by not discipline about food habit also,and discipline comes from strong Mars. ) if the person came to know about this and why he behave like this then he can work on to improve his second house things (habits). But the person needs to work on it to improve and can avoid many bad result of debilitated Mars. If they are just blaming oh my Mars is debilitated that is why i am like this. This is not the right attitude if we know that we should work on it. Things will change and you can create your own future. You can’t blame everything on destiny. Everything is not destined as it is created every movement by our actions, because we are not aware of our behavior therefore we always blame others and destiny.

If we get indication in our birth chart about the things which are creating problem we can use our free will to work on it and removing our weakness. If we are able to overcome our bad habits or weaknesses with personal effort then we will be able to change our fate and any remove difficulties in life.

This life is based on our past life karma's, then our next birth depend on this lifetime karma. God gives us two choice to choose our karma by giving two thought. It is not right to blame everything on destiny. If we can change our thoughts and channelizing in right direction we can manifest what we want.

This life is divine it have some rules and guidelines those who don’t understand law of universal will suffer in life. We should live life in a balanced way.

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