Saturday, May 24, 2014

Relationship Learning (Husband/ Wife/ Partner/ Spouse) Astrology

In the astrological analysis of a birth chart, the Rising Sign known as the Ascendant symbolizes the way in which one projects them self into the world. It represents your self-image and your individual’s personality with the world in which you live. The point directly opposite to your Ascendant is the Descendant your Seventh House. This is the point in your birth map that provides specific information about partnerships. The Seventh House represents Marriage and business partners.

7th house is the mirror image of 1st house, its mainly house of compromise, what kind of relationship you are oriented and what you are going to learn from your partner. For what you are going to compromise in relationship and what your partner will bringing in your life. Life is not about me all the time. Every person needs to learn something from their partner. It is hard stuff of life which we must learn. This is the scheme of zodiac, it is the matrix of the divine power, everything is opposite so that we can balance our life. Let’s say for Aries Ascendant people their ruling planet is Mars and their 7th house ruling planet is Venus. Its means the planet which is ruling your 7th house is going to brings the energy of that planet as well as where it is placed, in which house or it is conjunct with other planets. there are so many possibilities with the 7th house ruler. is 7th house ruler is retrograde, combust, debilitated, or exalted. Depending on the condition of the planet you have the learning or lesson related with your partner.

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