Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Being Angry and Irritated isn't making us Happy Self Analysis

Some times we do get angry or irritated because we don't like what we hear , see or have to deal with. One reason could be we are uncomfortable with the thing that we need to deal with.  When we are angry we will see most of the time people will react back with anger and irritation towards us. What we sow is want we reap.

Following could be some situation/scenarios where we could feel this way.
  1. Someone wants to talk to us about a uncomfortable subject.
  2. Someone takes a point of view which is totally opposite to us. (When talking to someone we should avoid taking a opposite point of view, we should slowly explain)
  3. Someone asking us a question expecting us to know the answer and we don't know the answer.
  4. We have a question and other person is not answering it in a way we understand.
  5. We are dealing with selfish or self-centered person.
  6. Someone having bad habits and is irritating.
  7. Someone asking too many questions at the same time.

No one can make us feel Angry or irritated. It is we who let anger and irritation take over us and loose our-self.  

Making us angry and irritated is the first step of how bad energies/planets work on us.. they make us lose ourselves and make us do harm to ourselves. Get control of your life.

As Dalai Lama mentioned: "When reason ends, then anger begins. Therefore, anger is a sign of weakness."
One way to be better at not being angry or irritated is to try to understand where we lack understanding or what do we don't know or what do we need to do to not feel uncomfortable in a situation. Some people are natural at dealing with unpredictable situations, lot of us are not comfortable with uneasy situations. If some how we are able to channelize the thoughts of what is making us uncomfortable .. we can figure out a way to overcome it. If we overcome this feeling we are a better person who has less probability of being angry or irritated.  

Being angry or irritated is a negative emotion,  if somehow we need to turn it into a positive of self improving our lives and be peaceful inside. DON'T GIVE INTO ANGER if you can.

Sometime even i can be a very irritating person to someone as it takes 2 to tango :-). It could be me or it could be other person.. the more we can manage the better we get and will have a expression of peace on our face as nothing can mess us up or make us uneasy.

We could be angry or feel irritated on something for many years. We need to grow up .. either accept it, change it or do something about it. If we cannot then we need to accept to live with it. Not accepting it makes us constantly angry or irritated which is not good for health or our personalities and robs our peace of mind.

Being angry or irritated divert our energies into wastage of time & focus. If we can keep the focus and try to find the reason for the anger or irritation we will succeed in life.. as all the people who wants to bring us down.. will make us Angry and irritated so that we loose our focus.. do we want to give into the enemy/ people those who want to harm us????

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. --- Buddha

if you are angry or irritated all day then you need to do lot of thinking , self-analysis and let thing go to be happy

For some being angry is a way of life and they feel pride in being angry , criticizing others and making fun of others.. again it is a personal choice to make.
(If you have any inputs or suggestions, let me know will update this article)