Saturday, November 1, 2014

Vedic 2015 Forecast For Gemini Ascendant

Horoscope 2015 Forecast for Gemini Rising/Ascendant/Moon

Saturn changing sign from 2nd november entering into Scorpio sign until 2017.
Jupiter Entered in Cancer on June 18 for one year until  July 13, 2015.  
Rahu  is in Virgo 4 July 2014 until January 2016.
Ketu In Pisces  4 July 2014 until January 2016

Jupiter transiting in cancer in June 2014 and continues until July 13, 2015.  Jupiter is exalted in cancer helping you give more of its blessings and love. Jupiter in cancer is transiting in your second house, giving his blessing with your income, family, and speech This transits can increase your income give more happiness with family and protect your health of your eyes and teeth, but you could be eating more high calorie foods. Jupiter will aspects to the sixth house matter of work struggles, disputes,competition and health matters. Jupiter will give you a job if you been unemployed or increase your work projects. If you have been having any legal disputes, Jupiter will support you and you'll be able to compete effectively against any competitors. Your health will be protected but you could also eating more as Jupiter rules the appetite and Jupiter can increase it weight. This is also protective cycle for employees and for small animals. Jupiter in Cancer will also bring opportunities and growth to the eighth house of change joint ventures, banking,  inheritance, chronic serious health conditions. Jupiter seeks knowledge and aspects on 8th house gives interest in psychology, occult and metaphysics. Jupiter will aspects to your career house to enhance your professional reputation, increase career opportunities and bring you more recognition or fame. The first 2015 is very favorable for money and career matters.

Jupiter will in enter in Leo July 13, 2015 through August 2016 in your 3rd house, bringing growth and protection to your third house. Expanding your courage and giving more opportunities with communications, publications, writing, sales and short distance trips. 3rd house also rules the younger siblings and close neighbors indicating that these relationships for you will be enhanced and your sibling could be successful. The third house rules the arts, performance on the stage. Jupiter could bring you more opportunities or the urge to take a class in one of the subjects. When Jupiter is transiting in the third it will aspects to your seventh house of marriage partnerships which is good for attracting a love or business partner. Jupiter will also be aspect the ninth house ruling father, teachers, and gurus giving you a better relationship with them. The ninth also rules higher education, media, marketing, international travels and since Jupiter is the indicator for travel. it's transiently in 3rd house  will expanding your product out to the world. Jupiter will be aspecting to the 11th house of profits, gains, achievements, friendships and organizations. That is a good year for networking and receiving support from friends.

Saturn transits in Scorpio November 2014 and will remain in Scorpio through 2017. Saturn is the indicator of longevity, sorrow, restrictions, responsibilities, delays, and  humility. When Saturn enters a new sign, the lesson of Saturn shaking at first but until we get serious and start taking responsibility for improving our situation. But this cycle of Saturn will begin easier for all for most of us because Jupiter will be uplifting Saturn and establishing a new foundation the first half of 2015.  As the sixth house is known as upchaya house, where by things get better in time. Saturn will give responsibilities hard work and focus to the sixth house matters. Sixth house rules employment, employees, co workers, struggles, quarrels, legal disputes and competition and health matters. This would be favorable for learning new work skills, starting a new business, hiring employees and competing successfully against most competitors. You may have to take responsibility for paying off debt or going to court to battle a legal dispute. You will have the strength to fight with health problems. Saturn they give you challenges but also the determination to resist any diseases. this would be a good time to be more proactive with improving your lifestyle to prevent any problems. The first half of 2015 is fortunate for sixth house matters because Jupiter is aspecting on to the sixth house.  

Saturn wil aspect to the eighth house of change and chronic health conditions. Saturn is the Lord of your 8th house so it's protecting and Jupiter in 2nd house the first half of 2015 is throwing a significant influence on to your eight having a favorable for business partnerships, contracts, investments, credit, gets settlements and inheritance.

Saturn will aspecting the 12th house, that can give added expenditures, disturbing sleep pattern, and giving challenges when working in foreign countries. This would be a favorable time to focus on spiritual practices and spending  and meditation.

Saturn will aspecting your 3rd house will be stressing your third house of courage, communication, short distance travel, relationship with siblings but fortunate Jupiter enters Leo in your third in July 2015, giving solutions and protections to resolve any third house situations.

Rahu is in Virgo July 20 July 2014 into August 2016 transiting your fourth house, ruling the  mother, inner peace, education, vehicles and property. Rahu will give strong desires and ambitions as well as obsessive behavior. Expect unpredictable changes and intense events that could hurt your relationship with your mother or your mother could be going through a difficult and unstable life. Your home life also being a continuous change and confusion from relocating. There is  chaos when making home improvements, pleasure, inner peace and may be stressed. Some of you may be considering living abroad or investing in property in another country.

Ketu is the mystical spiritual planet transiting in Pisces, the sign of healing and compassion and is transiting all of 2015 in your tenth house of career matters. Ketu is detachment, dissatisfactions, and endings. This will be a favorable cycle for your career raises the consciousness of others or a career in metaphysical subjects like astrology, being a psychic and as an alternative healer. Since Ketu can be other worldly it can also trigger the feeling of unhappy or frustrated with your career. You may be feeling a strong urge to let it go and find something that is more meaningful for you.