Saturday, November 1, 2014

Vedic 2015 Forecast for Aquarius Ascendant

Horoscope 2015 Forecast for Aquarius Rising/Ascendant/Moon

Saturn changing sign from 2nd november entering into Scorpio sign until 2017.
Jupiter Entered in Cancer on June 18 for one year until  July 13, 2015.  
Rahu  is in Virgo 4 July 2014 until January 2016.
Ketu In Pisces  4 July 2014 until January 2016.

Jupiter is transiting in cancer in last July 2014 and continues until July 13, 2015. Jupiter is exalted in cancer helping you get more of its blessing and love. Jupiter is transiting in your sixth house of employment, work, projects, training,  legal disputes, health matters. Jupiter will protect the health but could also increase your waistline if you are not actively exercising. This transit would favorable for starting a new business or hiring employees. Jupiter will aspects your career tenth house of business opportunities. This aspects is favorable for gaining more recognition or visibility. Jupiter is also aspecting the 12th house and giving you more opportunities for international travel, for working abroad,  and going on a pilgrimage.  You may also be studying religion or spiritual practices and you will be more generous and donating money to charity. Jupiter will be aspecting your second house of income, speech, food and family relationships. Jupiter will bring opportunities to increase your income get more confidence with public speaking and help give you better eating habits and support from your family.

Jupiter will transits in Leo July 13, 2015 in your 10th house of career and remain into August 2016. Jupiter transits in your seventh house of marriage, partnerships, contracts, customers, and business. Jupiter will be increasing your customer base and overall business.  Jupiter could be bringing you profit in business contracts and would be favorable for starting a new business partnership. Jupiter is a planet of seeking knowledge, but when transiting in the seventh is auspicious for getting married and a favorable for resolving any relationship conflicts. Jupiter from 7th house aspecting to your 11th house of fulfilling your greatest desires, expanding your social circle, great for networking at business and social event. You would have more confidence that your dreams are possible to obtain but the main influence will be increasing your finances. Jupiter will also be aspecting your first house giving protection to your health, expanding your self-confidence, attracting more opportunities, gain more visibility and having you feel more optimistic about your future. Jupiter will be aspecting your third house of courage, younger, siblings, communications , increasing sales, the performance, travel and publications supporting you in these areas.

Saturn entered in Scorpio November 2014 and remains through 2017. Saturn is the indicator of longevity, sorrow,  delays, restrictions, and humility. When Saturn enters a new sign, The lesson of Saturn shaking at first but until we get serious and start taking responsibility for improving our situation. This new cycle of Saturn will begin overall easier for most of us because it is protected by Jupiter and it will be uplifting Saturn and establishing a new foundation. The first half of 2015 Saturn transit in Scorpio gives extra responsibilities hardwork and some delays to your tenth house of career matters, authority, government, public image, and visibility.  Saturn would give delays and worries but since the 10th is upachaya  house,  Saturn do better with time.  Thus this cycle of Saturn would be favorable for working hard to establish your business and career goals, and  increase career responsibilities. If you have been had any  tensions with bosses or supervisors, Saturn transit will bring on the right career track. You will be given more recognition for your past efforts and giving opportunities for promotion raises and leadership positions. This will be a cycle you'll have to work hard to catch or you may need to start over in look for another job. Fortunately the first half of 2015 auspicious Jupiter is also aspecting and throwing its protection on to your career tenth house. This double transit of jupiter with Saturn on your career house is to help you and solidify your professional aspirations and bring more support from those in authority.

Saturn aspects your 12th house that can give extra expenses, insomnia, hospitalization and depression. But Saturn is the Lord of your 12 and therefore Saturn will protect its own house and give better results. Jupiter is also forming on auspicious double transit was Saturn to your 12th house for the first half of 2015. There is favorable for making money abroad, for international travel, for controlling expenses, and providing more support to charitable organizations. You will have more confident seeking enlightenment through meditation or other spiritual practices.

Saturn also aspects your fourth house of the mother, home, property, inner peace,  and vehicles. This can be a time the separating from the family or indicates a residential move. Saturn can give hardships to the mother or hurt your relationship with her. Your inner peace will be more disturbed and you may need to buy another vehicles because it's breaking or you could have a accident.

Saturn will be aspecting to your seventh house, stressing out and giving problems to your seventh house of marriage, partnerships, contracts, business and customers. Jupiter enters your seventh forming a supportive double transit with Saturn from July 2015 until August 2016 helping, bring solutions and reconciliations with marriage and partnership matters. This would actually be a very favorable for marriage or forming a business partnership.

Rahu is in Virgo July 2014 until August 2016 transiting your in eight house ruling changes, losses and chronic health conditions. Rahu but could also trigger financial obligations and joint ventures were also gives major changes and instabilities. This is a time you must give top priority to your health. Rahu may give diseases of the reproductive organs do not take any health-related complications for granted as it might be more serious than you think. You may also suffer from mental anxiety and unnecessary fear from anything, but fortunately the first half of the year Jupiter is transiting in your sixth house protecting your health. And then the last half of 2015 Jupiter is influencing your body and protecting your health. Make sure your attracting the right medical treatment but you must be getting regular physical exams to make sure you catch any problems early before they could get to serious.

Ketu is the mystical spiritual planet transiting Pisces the sign of healing and compassion. Ketu is the planet of endings and detachment. Ketu transiting all of 2015 your second house of income, family and food. Ketu is a nonmaterial planet and when transiting the second of income can give complications and frustrations with your income. It can also hurt any family relationships and could also indicate a bad diet e.g. smoking, excess drinking that could hurt you. But Jupiter for the first half of 2015 is giving added blessings to Ketu and would be giving protection to your income, and family. Within the last half of 2015 is when you need to be more conscious of your spending habits, eating habits and family relationships.

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