Saturday, November 1, 2014

Vedic 2015 Forecast For Taurus Ascendant

Horoscope 2015 Forecast for Taurus Rising/Ascendant/Moon

Saturn changing sign from 2nd november entering into Scorpio sign until 2017.
Jupiter Entered in Cancer on June 18 for one year until  July 13, 2015.  
Rahu  is in Virgo 4 July 2014 until January 2016.
Ketu In Pisces  4 July 2014 until January 2016.

Jupiter transiting in cancer in June 2014 and continues until July 13, 2015. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer helping and give more of its blessings and love. Jupiter in Cancer is transiting in your third house, expanding your courage and getting more opportunities with writing, sales, communications, and publications short distance trips.  The third also rules the younger siblings or close neighbors indicating that those relationships for you will be enhanced and or a sibling could be having a success. The third house rules the performance on stage  and Jupiter could bring you more opportunities for can urge you to take a class one of these subjects. When Jupiter is transiting in the third it will aspect on to your seventh house of marriage and partnerships. That is good for attracting a love, and for business partner. Jupiter will also aspecting the ninth house ruling the father, teachers, and gurus giving a better relationship with them. The ninth also rules higher education, media marketing, and international travels. Since Jupiter is the indicator for travel, it's transit in third house will have expanding your products out to the world. Jupiter will be aspecting good luck on to your 11th house of profits, gains, achievements, friendships and organizations. 2015 is   a good year for networking and receiving support from friends.

Jupiter will transits in Leo July 13, 2015 until August 2016. Bringing growth and protection to your fourth house, that rules home, family, mother and real estate. The fourth also represents inner peace that can be expanded. because Jupiter is the God of knowledge and wisdom and when transiting in the fourth is favorable for education and obtaining a degree. You may also buy a home are moved to a bigger apartment, and buy a vehicle.  Since 4th house represents the mother, your relationship with her will be improved or her life will be more fortunate and prosperous. Jupiter in the fourth we'll throw aspect in the eighth house of change of joint ventures, finances, your partners income, taxes and insurance. 8th house also represents psychology and metaphysics. Jupiter may give you more interest in studying these subjects. 8th house also rules chronic health conditions but Jupiter would help you better manage any health condition. This is also a favorable for receiving financial settlements, loans and inheritance. Jupiter will also protect and expand your career and could bring you more visibility and enhance your professional reputation. Jupiter in Leo will be benefiting your 12th house of seeking enlightenment, spiritual pilgrimages and meditation along with travel to foreign countries.

Saturn transits in Scorpio 2 November 2014 and remains and Scorpio through 2017. Saturn is the indicator of longevity,  sorrow, restrictions, delay, responsibilities, authority and humility. When Saturn enters a new sign, the lesson of Saturn shaking at first but until we get serious and start taking responsibility for improving our situation. But this cycle of Saturn will begin easier for all, because it protected by Jupiter. The aspect of Jupiter on Saturn  will be uplifting Saturn and establishing a new foundation the first half of 2015. Saturn's transit in Scorpio through your seventh house so there is important lessons with marriage, partnerships, contracts, and business. This would be a good cycle to make a commitment especially as protected by Jupiter is also benefiting the seventh house and Saturn from November 2014 through July 2015. If you're in the right direction for marriage then this double transit of Jupiter and Saturn to the seventh will manifest a good marriage or even a business partnership. But after jupiter enter in leo his aspect on saturn will not be there, then Saturn in the seventh will be for more tough for more than 2 and half year journey. Any relationships that have outlived their purpose and bring them to an end, and you may also have to work harder to maintain a good marriage or business partnership.

Saturn will aspects the ninth house giving separations and challenges with higher education, teachers, father or gurus. This would be a favorable transit to give you more discipline to pursue a graduate degree because Jupiter's in the first half of 2015 will be aspecting onto the ninth giving more support and solutions to any of these ninth house matters. This would be very favorable for attending school teaching, promoting your business, using marketing and media.

Saturn will be aspecting your first house, giving more pressures and responsibilities to your goals, your confidence and delaying new projects. The  first house rules the body and Saturn's influence could drain your energy should be important to pace yourself in well and get enough exercise.

Saturn will be aspecting your fourth house, ruling the mother, home, family and inner peace.  Since Saturn gives separations you could be planning a residential move. You could be worried about your mother, and family. Your relationships with them could be more strained.  When Jupiter transits in leo in your fourth house in July 13 2015, remaining for one year that will bring protection and could make it easier to make a change in residence and could help resolve any difficult family relationships and home.

Rahu is in Virgo July 2014 into January 2016 transiting in your fifth house of children, creative, projects, entertainment, sports, speculation and romance. Rahu intensifies, gives strong desires and could trigger major changes related to these areas of life. Rahu can also be obsessive that can be risky if you are a gambler or stock market speculator.  Rahu in the fifth can trigger strong infatuations to the point of becoming obsessed by the object of your desire. When it comes to children or childbirth you can also become to obsessed with getting pregnant. Rahu transiting in the fifth would be favorable for seeking recognition in the field of entertainment.

Ketu is the mystical spiritual planet transiting Pisces the sign of healing and compassion and is transiting all of 2015 your 11th house of desires, ambitions, achievement, friendships and social network. However ketu is the planet of detachment and not seeking financial gains. This would be favorable with Jupiter the first half of the year supporting Ketu when participating with a spiritual group for attending and making like-minded friends seeking a spiritual path.  Ketu is the planet of detachment and letting go and the 11th rules friendships and that will be tested. The true friends will remain and become stronger. but you could be letting go friends and lovers.This year as you may be learning that you have outgrown some of these relationships.