Saturday, November 1, 2014

Vedic 2015 Forecast for Capricorn Ascendant

Horoscope 2015 Forecast for Capricorn Rising/Ascendant/Moon

Saturn changing sign from 2nd november entering into Scorpio sign until 2017.
Jupiter Entered in Cancer on June 18 for one year until  July 13, 2015.  
Rahu  is in Virgo 4 July 2014 until January 2016.
Ketu In Pisces  4 July 2014 until January 2016.

Jupiter is transiting in cancer in June 2014 and continues until July 13, 2015. Jupiter is exalted in cancer and helping to get more his blessings and love. Jupiter transits in your seventh house of marriage, partnerships, contracts, customers, and business. Jupiter will be increasing your customer base and overall business.  Jupiter could be bringing profit in business contracts and would be favorable for starting a new business partnership. Jupiter is a planet seeking knowledge, but when transiting in the seventh is auspicious for getting married and resolving any relationship conflicts. Jupiter from 7th house aspecting to your 11th house of fulfilling your greatest desires, expanding your social circle, great for networking at business and social event. You would have more confidence that your dreams are possible to obtain but the main influence will be increasing your finances. Jupiter will also be aspecting your first house giving protection to your health, expanding your self-confidence, attracting more opportunities, gain more visibility and having you feel more optimistic about your future. Jupiter will be aspecting your third house of courage, younger, siblings, communications , increasing sales, the performance, travel and publications supporting you in these areas.

Jupiter will transits in Leo July 13, 2015 in your 8th house of career and remain until August 2016. Jupiter transits in your eighth house of change and losses. Jupiter is helping to make any significant life changes easier and benefit the eight house things, rules the banking, loans, joint ventures with your partners money, settlements, investments and inheritance. These are areas that will bring you more luck and opportunities. Jupiter seeks knowledge and 8th house rules, psychology and metaphysics subjects giving a favorable time for learning or investigating in these topics. Jupiter from 8th house aspecting  to your 12th house. 12th house is for seeking spiritual, enlightenment, visiting or going on a pilgrimage, and charity. The 12th also represents foreign countries and you may be taking a major trip to another country that would also be beneficial for making monies in a foreign land. The 12th house can indicate the loss of resources or incurring extra expenses but Jupiter can reduce your debt or make the money to pay down your financial obligations. Jupiter will also aspects the second of income, thus increasing your income to pay off any expenses triggered by the 12th house. This is also favorable for find family relationships and eating a healthier diet. Jupiter will also aspecting your to your 4th house of home, mother, property, inner peace, and vehicles. This can be a favorable change of residence as Jupiter is transiting the eight of change. Jupiter influences the fourth will be good for relationship with your mother, investing in real estate and you may decide to buy a new vehicles.

Saturn entered in Scorpio November 2014 and remains through 2017. Saturn is the indicator of longevity, sorrow,  delays, restrictions, and humility. When Saturn enters a new sign, The lesson of Saturn shaking at first but until we get serious and start taking responsibility for improving our situation. This new cycle of Saturn will begin easier for most of us because it is protected by Jupiter and it will be uplifting Saturn and establishing a new foundation. The first half of 2015 Saturn's transit in your 11th house of gains, achievements, friendships, group associations, elder siblings, your goals and aspirations.  Saturn would ordinarily be triggering worries and problems since the 11th is malefic house like Saturn. This cycle of Saturn would be favorable for increasing your income and gaining more professional recognition but it can hurt relationships with friends or your elder siblings. They may also be worried and struggles in their life. Fortunately the first half of the year, the Jupiter is also throwing his protection onto the 11th giving auspicious double transit with Saturn to the 11th house. That will bring you support from friendships and organizations can provide a stronger foundation and you can achieve your goals and a solid foundation upon which to build.  This double transit will also help resolve any friendship conflicts or disagreements with elder siblings.

Saturn will aspects on your first house ruling the body confidence, new venture, and visibility. But even though Saturn is a malefic it's the Lord of your first house and not harming, despite this Saturn will protect its own house and give good results. Jupiter in your 7th house is also forming an auspicious double transit with Saturn to your first house the first half of 2015, strengthening your health establishing longevity with new projects and enhancing your self-confidence.

Saturn will also aspecting your fifth house hurting or delaying the significations of the fifth that rules children, creative, entertainment, projects, sports, gambling, speculation, spiritual techniques and romance. This could be giving separations with children that could just mean that your children are leaving home to further their higher education. Creative projects could be more difficult or delay.  Gambling or stockmarket speculation needs to be done with caution and moderation. If you are single you may it may seem more difficult to connect to a new lover or you could be stressing or separating from your current romantic partner.

Saturn is aspecting your eighth house ruling your financial obligations, your partners income, as well as joint ventures, loans settlements, inheritance, taxes and  inheritance. The eighth also rules change and losses but fortunately auspicious Jupiter enters the eighth house in July 2015 giving you solutions to any eighth house challenges and for any significant life changes would bring you more benefits. Jupiter is forming a supportive double transit with Saturn from July 2015 through August 2016, helping support any business negotiations being more credit to possibly by property and establishing any passive income investments.

Rahu is in Virgo July 2014 until August 2016 transiting in your ninth house ruling higher education teachers, father, gurus, international traveling and publishing. Rahu always increases desires and ambitions but disrupt your relationships with your father, teacher or a guru. You will have strong desires to travel internationally, that give yourself plenty of time as Rahu can give unexpected challenges and traveling and this can signify a loss of wealth as well prosperity. Rahu can be disruptive but will can also give unexpected windfall. The ninth also rules are beliefs and moral and Rahu here contact us to going against our morals but it can also mean that you get involved with an alternative religion or belief system that could be upsetting to others and especially to your father or previous teachers or gurus.

Ketu is the mystical and spiritual planet transiting Pisces the sign of healing and compassion. Ketu gives endings and detachment as it transits all the 2015 in your third house of younger siblings, that could hurt them or your relationship with them. The third rules performance, writing and communications. Ketu transit can make you more critical as you seek more authenticity and you can give more disagreements with others. Because you're dissatisfied until you get it right but Jupiter in the first half of 2015 will be giving blessings to Ketu and would be favorable for spiritual learning, writing, producing uplifting ketu.

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