Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bad Advice.. is it Really ? Self Analysis (This is what I would do)

How many times we think that we have been given bad advice and people don't think well and they intentionally give bad advice to us so that we fail. I think i have also felt many times , but then i don't know everything out there so i need to talk to people and get their opinions.

Since we are not know all... we need to rely on people and information which is out there to make us educated and improve our lives. Let's see the following scenario.. is it us or the other person.

Now let's say same advice is given to 2 different people 
e.g.  the Advice is .. "Talk to People for Success"

let's take 2 personalities

Soft Spoken Person
Ego Centric Person

A soft spoken and focused person will know what to talk to another person and will be able to figure out a way to make other person align (common interest) with their goal and succeed.

A ego centric person will be self-focused, probably doesn't care about other person and will focus on what they need .. they may come out as a selfish person .. Now how do we expect other people to work with a person who only care about themselves.

Outcome of same advice is different to different people, depending on how we absorb the information, What our personalities are and how we implement it. Given all the factors .. probably the person who advised us doesn't have any control over the outcome.

another lighter example will be.. wearing Red color.. lot of celebrities wear RED and look good..  it totally depends on the person and personality on whom a RED color will look good.. on some it may not... we know when color doesn't look good on us.. likewise every advice that we hear..

Given that most of us don't understand ourselves completely what is the possibility of we are able to understand the other person  and give them advice tailored to their needs. So an advice is a general thought which is shared and it depends on the person receiving the advice to tailor as per their needs and implement it.

On the flip side of the coin .. we are given an advice which is intended to do us harm. Again the input should be taken into consideration and implemented only when we feel it will have a positive outcome.

We are responsible for our own Actions

When you may have asked for a advice someone may have said "This is what I would do" :-). What the person is saying is that for what I know .. I will do this thing in a certain way... Now it is totally your call to make of what you think and what are your constraints to implement it. I kinda understood it long time ago.. while writing this article I feel now I fully understand what it means.

If we don't understand what's good and bring peace for us .. how can we make right decisions. If we cannot make right decisions.. how can any advice help us?  Overall if we have been blaming other .. may be we want to consider the way we think and the way we do things for us. Keep in mind this article is about self analysis and eliminating any wrinkles in our personalities to improve ourselves. Hope this helps and Happy Journey through life.