Saturday, November 1, 2014

Vedic 2015 Forecast For Aries Ascendant

Horoscope 2015 Forecast for Aries Rising/Ascendant/Moon

Saturn changing sign from 2nd November entering into Scorpio sign until 2017.
Jupiter Entered in Cancer on June 18 for one year until  July 13, 2015.  
Rahu  is in Virgo 4 July 2014 until January 2016.
Ketu In Pisces  4 July 2014 until January 2016.

Jupiter is the indicator of expansion, opportunities, higher learning, wisdom, guru, luck and travel. Jupiter transiting in Cancer in last mid June 2014 and continues until July 13, 2015. Jupiter is exalted in cancer, transiting in your fourth house of  bringing protection and growth to the home, family and real estate. The fourth also rules inner peace, mother, Jupiter can expand your inner peace, improve your relationship mother.. Jupiter is wisdom and when transiting in the fourth is favorable for education, buying a home or moved to a bigger apartment or home, buying a new vehicle. Jupiter from the fourth house will aspects your 8th house and protects the eighth house of change, joint ventures, finance, your partner's income of taxes and insurance. The eighth also rules occult science, psychology and metaphysics. Jupiter may trigger your interest in these subjects.  Eighth house also rules chronic health conditions, so Jupiter would help you to deal all these health chronic problem. This is also a favorable for receiving financial settlements, loans, and inheritance. From 4th house it aspect your 10th house of career.  So Jupiter will protect and expand your career and could bring you more visibility and enhance your professional reputation. Jupiter will expect your 12th house, there Jupiter will be benefiting your 12 house of seeking enlightenment, spiritual pilgrimages and meditation.

Jupiter will enter in Leo July 13, 2015 in your 5th house and stay there until August 2016.  jupiter will bring growth and protection to your fifth house of children, creative expression, education, entertainment, sports, speculation,gambling and romance. Jupiter will bring expansion in these areas of life. This could be a favorable time for attracting a new love affair. Saturn is transiting in Scorpio in your 8th house and its 10th aspect on 5th house will give challenges and obstruction and delays to your fifth house matters, but Jupiter will find a solution and protect fifth house. Jupiter from 5th house aspect your nineth house of guru, teachers, luck, higher learning, prosperity, and long-distance traveling. Jupiter will also aspect the 11th house of friendships, organizations, achievements and financial gains. That will be good for increasing your income and social network.  Jupiter will aspects your 1st house of  self, benefiting your first house, making you more generous, cheerful and confident.  Health will be improved and favorable for beginning new projects and gaining more recognition.

Saturn transit in Scorpio 2 November 2014 and will stay there until 2017.  Saturn is the indicator of longevity, sorrow, determination, responsibilities, obstruction and delays. When Saturn enters in a new sign, Saturn will take time to adjust. Saturn will enter in your 8th house, of sudden up and down house. The lessons of Saturn may seem shaking at first, until we get able to take responsibility for improving our situation. For the half of 2015, this Saturn will be easier overall, because Jupiter will protect and uplifting Saturn, and establishing a new foundation. Saturn is the Lord of your tenth house of careers and the 11th house of gains of achievement. There will be some changes occurring in your business or career during this time. Now Jupiter and Saturn will be forming a double transit to your eighth house is being growth and support from November 2014 through the middle of July 2015, helping you establish a more solid financial foundation and would be good for business. Eighth house rules psychology, occult science, and metaphysics and the double transit until July can provide you deeper insights and understanding of the self.

Saturn will aspects your 10th house of career matters and can create problem in profession and status or you may lose your job or have to face challenges. Jupiter is transiting in your 4th house aspecting your 10th house and expanding your career, bringing another auspicious double transit of Jupiter and Saturn, supporting your 10th house. Any changes in your career field will be benefiting in your profession for the first half of the year. Thus the first half of 2015 may be mentally stressful and emotionally but you will have opportunities to make positive changes in your work and business and give you more financial security.  

Saturn will be aspecting your second house of income. You may be more conscious of budgeting your spending habits but you are also building a better financial future. The second also rules family so Saturn will giving distress to family, but it could be because you are so focused on business affairs which are not paying attention to the needs of the family.  Saturn also aspect to the fifth of children and speculation causing problems related with fifth house. Jupiter will enter the fifth house on July 13 2015 remaining for a year giving you a solutions for investing and any challenges with children, all be protected by the grace of Jupiter.

Rahu is in Virgo July 4 July 2014 into January 2016 transiting your sixth house of work, employment, competition, and health matters. Rahu does well in the sixth house as it can increase your will to win and compete effectively with any competitors in your workplace and can also increase your fighting ability. You will have more confidence and passion to win. The sixth house also rules health matters and Rahu who gives any health problems. You will be able to fight against any diseases and motivate you to seek out more alternative health care. Saturn in the eighth of change as Lord of your career and Rahu who transiting your sixth house of work, many of you will start your own business or be promoted to a more leadership role in your company.

Ketu is the mystical, and spiritual shadow planet transiting Pisces the sign of healing and compassion and transiting all of 2015 in your 12th house of pilgrimages, charity, spirituality, enlightenment and foreign countries. Jupiter is also aspecting your 12th house. The first half of 2015 giving more spiritual understandings the urge to travel abroad and especially for spiritual studies going on a pilgrimage or donating money to charity. Ketu is the planet of detachment and letting go and the 12th house is also the house of losses and endings, that you can be suffering because of emotional losses or you can choose not to suffer and embrace your spiritual practices and help others.