Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Benefit of (weak) Debilitated Moon in Astrology

Moon is our mind, emotions, peace of mind and peace of heart. Moon is the opening to receive something. It is pure love of mother. Moon shows how the person is nurtured by their mother. Moon wants happiness or peace of the mind or heart all the time. Moon rule the Cancer sign, which is 4th house in the zodiac.

Any planet is debilitated in the sign which is of opposite qualities of the planet. Cancer sign is the sign of peace and harmony, and Scorpio sign is the sign of fear and insecurity, therefore Moon is debilitated.

Scorpio sign ruled by the planet Mars. In Scorpio Mars provide the strength to overcome the weakness of mind if engaged in a positive way. Scorpio sign rules the 8th house of the zodiac this the house of insecurity and fear, Scorpio sign is intense, jealous and controlling sign, Moon in Scorpio person try to control other people by creating the drama of emotions. But Moon want stability of emotions, therefore Moon is debilitated here. 8th house comes after 7th house. 7th house is the house where we make relationship with people but after when we connect with the people we have fear of losing the relationship. There Moon is fearful in Scorpio, it don’t want to lose any connection because we live in materialistic world it is difficult to live without relationship.

But there is quality of Scorpio sign, when Moon comes in the Scorpio sign it always try to strengthening the fear and insecurity of the mind, Scorpio is the sign of strength, it is the fixed water sign here Mars ruler of Scorpio teaches the dark side of the world. 8th house is the house of transformation and mysticism. Mostly all the mishaps occur in 8th house. Therefore Moon suffer here. Moon is very delicate planet, initially it suffer here but after suffering of the mind the person get matured mentally. The person gets transformed and he learns and became very knowledgeable after facing of harsh reality of life. The native understand about life. This life is nothing just an illusion we all die one day there is no need to fear of anything that is why after 8th house 9th house come, when we overcome our life fear and insecurity and make our heart at peace then we can learn about bigger picture of life. That is 9th house. Once the native overcome his fear he can do good meditation, the person become very spiritual. And overall person transformed is good person. 8th house is the house of healing and regeneration. Because Moon in Scorpio a person suffer so much it can understand others people pain easily so the native become healer of emotions, it shows new path to people to live. The person itself feel that he is reborn again mentally. The person changes and become strong mentally with time.

These people are interested in dark and hidden side of the life therefore they can be good counselor, psychologist, shamin, astrologer, psychic reader and healer. They can be in good surgeon and is interested in investigative field. .

Depending on the house placement of the Moon and of which house Moon rule the house of the native strengthening the emotions of that area of life.

If the Moon debilitated in the 2nd house its means person have problem with family members and the native interaction with the mother is very intensive. Here the person need to control its intense emotions with the mother and overall family member. The native needs to learn sometimes it is good to surrender rather than controlling others. Once these people learn to control their emotions they can be good in many areas of life.

Because Moon is the mother in astrology, therefore sign and house placement of the Moon show behavior towards that kind and interest in life of mother.

Here is the suggestion for the mothers who have their kids Moon in Scorpio, mothers needs to have patience when dealing with their kids because these child are very sensitive emotionally therefore they need to handle with lot of love and care. Mother needs to talk rather than scolding or giving some punishment. Mother needs to understand her kid rather than cursing them. Although every kid needs love but Moon in Scorpio kids need more love and understanding of emotions.