Saturday, November 16, 2013

Benefit of Debilitated Planet in Astrology

Most of the time when people think it is bad to have debilitated planet’s in their chart. But sometimes is it good to have debilitated planet in the chart for some areas of life. First of all we should understand 
What is debilitated planet? 
 Debilitated planet’s means the planet is not aware of the energy of house they rule.
What is exalted planet? 
 Exalted planet means planet is aware of the energy of house they rule.

When Sun is debilitated these people are too much into the relationship but actually the person is helping in nature to boost their low self-esteem and their low confidence and the person is too much into the relationship but to get appreciation from others people the native help others and therefore the person is helping in nature.

When Mars is debilitated it is means Mars lose all the power which it rule like fighting ability, courage, strength and discipline etc. But Mars is the cruel planet it want to know only how to fight. When Mars in its own sign like in Aries it is in full potential but what when it comes in 7th house of spouse, it will always talk about me me me, because it is the planet of individuality therefore many people get divorce who have Mars in the 7th house in its own sign but what when Mars is debilitated.

Mars debilitated in the sign of Cancer. Cancer sign is the very sensitive, emotional and protective towards loved. So when Mars debilitated in Cancer although the person may suffer because the person not able to fight but it is beneficial in long run. So if Mars debilitated in 7th house of marriage the person will not fight and think emotionally towards partner and the marriage may work out. Mars debilitated people are very emotional and very protective toward their children. These people know how to work silently, in the sense they can be good diplomat.
When Venus is debilitated in the chart, although it have some bad effect but it is good in some ways like person is more realistic and responsible. They are very calculative and analytical in relationship due to this they are very grounded person. These people have good knowledge of medicine therefore they have good healing ability and they help people in relationship by their medicinal knowledge. These people are also service oriented, because Virgo sign is service oriented sign and they like serving society.

When Jupiter is debilitated Jupiter is the planet hope wisdom and divine knowledge and it is debilitated in sign of Capricorn. Capricorn sign rule the materialism, and reputation in life. When Jupiter debilitated the person became very materialistic and wealth achiever. Although the native lack of moral and wisdom but native is very rich and wealthy. 

Exalted planets are not always good in the chart. 
Let’s say if someone has Sun exalted in 2nd house. Sun exalted in 2nd house means the person have Pisces ascendant. For Pisces ascendant Sun rule 6th house which bad house in the astrology. When Sun is exalted its means Sun is aware the effect of 6th house and 6th house represents debt, disease, enemy, and etc. Sun present the self-image and when it exalted for the for 6th house lord so when Sun mahadasha comes it bring debts, argument, and enemies into the sphere of life. The native may suffer maintaining healthy self-image because Sun is self-image, in family life 2nd house is family and money.

For Taurus ascendant Mars rule the 12th house and 7th house. And is debilitated in the 3rd house and exalted in the 9th house. 12th house considered bad house in astrology, so when Mars exalted in the 9th house which is good house or dharmic house, so here Mars is awake for 12th house things which is isolation, hospital, ashram and etc. Here the person suffer through hardship of the 12th house thing which is isolation and etc. But the person is strong enough to face life harshness related with the 12th house.

Mars debilitated in the 3rd house which is sleeping for 12th house stuff, and the native does not feel the effect of 12th house stuff like expense, Liberation, etc. The person is not aware of 12th house things which is necessary for liberation from life. This world belongs two categories of people one is materialistic and others non materialistic. Some people want material things in life and some want to get liberate or want moksha from this world.

By saying that exalted planets are always good is not right. It depend on the whole chart, planet placement house ruler-ship which shows the good or bad effect of
planet, not always exalted planet give good result and debilitated planet give bad results.

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