Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ascendant (Rising Sign) and Houses Astrology

Houses in Astrology

Rising sign, Ascendant or Lagna is the zodiac sign of when sun rises from the East at the time of the birth when the person is born. It is the 1st of house which is also called lagna. Ascendant Sign dependent on time and place of birth of the person. Rising sign sets the entire map of life. So it is important to know ascendant sign because it can help in looking into the person health, family environment, education, children, what kind of partner you will have and what will be your career's  environment and all other aspects of life.

The sky is divided into the 12 zodiac sign (house). The 12 house shows the different  facets of life.

The 1st house: 1st house known as ascendant it represents head, physical appearance, health strength of the body, basic personality, self expression, this is the most important house because from this house, we look the individual mental outlook, how individual behave and project himself to the outer world.  How the person's is life going to be dependent of condition of 1st house because 1st house is the setting of map of life.

The 2nd house: 2nd house represents face, childhood, developing sense of self worth, self appreciation, family values, environment of childhood, confidence which comes from the family, close friends, hoarded wealth, jewelry, gems, food intake, throat, voice and security . What we value, is shown by our behavior and it comes from our family.

The 3rd house:
3rd house represents siblings, communication, curiosity, skill, hobbies, personal interest, performing arts, acting, competitiveness, self effort, will power, courage, short distance travel, neighbors, meeting room in offices. Its the house where we meet and communicate people.

The 4th house: 4th house represents inner peace, heart, , mother, home, environment where we feel secure, inner peace, emotions, most sensitive part of our inner being and  happiness. This is the house of vehicle, land, property, early education. This is the 1st house of moksha from self.

The 5th house: 5th house represents self expression, fun, play, sports, intelligence, creativity, children, early education, speculative business, love, romance, romantic partners, what we love most, wealth, local government, past life credits, and spiritual practices.

The 6th house: 6th house is the most challenging house in astrology. This is the house where struggle for daily routine work, health care, disease, immune system, conflicts, competitions, court, divorce, enemy, service, small pets, animals, having good or bad habits, where we learn to improve ourselves.

The 7th house: 7th house represents partner, dealing with others people, dealing in business, business partner, agreements,  open enemies. It is the house of compromise because with partner we have to adjust if not then problems may arise. It is the house where we want to fulfill our desire through the other people.

The 8th house: 8th house represents transformation in life due to sudden up and down. Situations of life where we have no control and we have to face it. This the house of lottery, sudden gain, bankruptcy, sudden loss, occult science (astrology), natural calamity, incurable disease, death, graveyard, and hidden side of life (ghost), and fear of losing others. This the 2nd house of moksha from others.

The 9th house: 9th house represents parents, fortune, religion, long distance travel, law, higher learning, wisdom philosophy, teaching, and belief system. After crossing the 8th house we strengthen our heart from insecurities of  life and we entered in the  9th house of higher learning and different culture.

The 10th house: 10th house represent responsibility, responsible nature, father, career, social and public recognition, fame, public status, politics, government, materialistic achievement and achievement in the world.

The 11th house: 11th house represents friends, social circle, worldly ambitions, large group of people, humanity, profit, income, and money from occupation. This is the house of goals, hopes and wishes, where we want to do something for the world.

The 12th house: 12th house represents loss, bed pleasure, subconscious mind, dreams, hospital, foreign land, jail, asylum, spiritualism, isolation, meditation, and liberation. This the house where we let go thing and try to live alone for our peace. this the of  enlightenment and 3rd house of moksha from this world.

This is the path of the zodiac wheel , it is different for different ascendant. Depending on the the ascendant everyone have different course of life.