Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturn is Great Friend or Worst Enemy Astrology

In astrology, Saturn is the son of God Sun and brother of Yama, the God of righteousness and death. Saturn rules over Saturday or Saturn’s day. Saturn represents integrity, boundaries, limits, structure, discipline, responsibility, and honor, Saturn is the planet of karma the rings around Saturn denote the limits,our karma and result of our actions. Saturn is the planet of time, it teaches us to live in present and in a simple way. Saturn teaches about harsh realities of life. It is the nature of Saturn to shatter our illusions around fear and make us grow up Saturn makes us mature.

Saturn is the planet who makes us to realizes us about the complexity and limitation of life and by fear and anxiety and we learn how to live in within our means. Saturn is the planet of karma, which forces you to experience karma's whether a person wants or not. When Saturn time come in someone life, that person have to pay off his mistakes whether he like it or not. However, once the karma is balanced, there is great relief to the person.

The key is to learn the lesson that Saturn teaches and not repeat the behavior. It is necessary to the person to learn from his mistakes and become conscious of the fact and should not blame others for his mistakes. In Saturn time the native may feel hopeless, depressed, and trapped. However there is always hope in the midst of it. Be humble, look at the circumstances for what they are and know that it is coming around for a reason. You are experiencing something that you have done unto another and now it is time to learn the lesson.

Look inside yourself as to the causes, don’t blame another, open your heart to Saturn as your teacher, and it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime. After Saturn period we are wiser and happy and freer because we have paid a certain debt in our life. Saturn can be our greatest friend in that he shows us the results of our actions so that we can make corrections, serve our time and turn around and do it right the next time.

So, How can we say that Saturn is the malefic or terrifying planet? Can it be our greatest friend? After suffering through Saturn time we convert into humble, kind and loving person, and become more discipline, structure and organized person. After Saturn period we more ground thinking about ourselves and others, and understand about life in better way. In this way Saturn is our cruel friend who teaches about reality which is necessary about life.

This is better way to learn our lessons. Unfortunately, we don’t always remember what we have done to another or even if we do remember, we don’t usually have co-measurement as to how it felt to the other person. Therefore, we blame Saturn and others for our misfortune. What we sow we shall reap this the law of karma or universe. Therefore thanks to Saturn, there is no injustice in the universe.

However, Saturn delivers both good and bad karma. If a person has done good karma in past life then Saturn is happy, then Saturn give good fortune and is a giver of wealth in life. We should take responsibility of our own karma to do good so that we can have good time when Saturn time arrives. This is one way to befriend and please Saturn.

Saturn is planet of life and death. Saturn rules prana shakti (breath) with in us. When in bad time due to stress and fear we become short on breath. Lord hanuman is the deity of wind. Therefore when Saturn times come we should recite Hanuman chalisa so that we can feel energy and can fight with stress and fear of life. Saturn also denote old people, we should always respect old people and do good for them so that we can avoid bad time of Saturn.