Friday, November 29, 2013

Remedy of Venus (Bad Wife ) Astrology

Venus is the planet of relationship, beauty, happiness, creativity, love and romance in life. Venus is the important planet for everyone, but it is more important planet for man because it the planet of the wife. A wife role in man's life is very important and if someone Venus is not in good dignity the person can suffer in love, and relationship in general and a man could suffer from not to have good wife. Venus is the reward for man who fulfil their duty, responsibility, dharma and follow their inspiration. If a man is not able to fulfill these things he is not able to get good wife. Venus (women) is the producer of many things in life, and one of the most important producer is ''happiness'' in life. One can get to know a man’s wife nature or behavior by checking the condition of the planet Venus in the birth chart. what type of love, relationship and wife a men can get depends on the Venus's condition.

Man want love from wife, when he entered in home after doing his job, he want a women who can provide him happiness and a support from her in what he want to achieve in his life. A man want a woman who is loyal to him, not go around with another man, and can be capable in handling household responsibility with love and patience. A relationship last long when it is in partnership not only for individualistic interest. Partnership is commitment in relationship with mutual respect and caring towards each other. Venus is the planet of mutual love not selfless love. Moon is the planet of selfless love which we get from our mother. A relationship based on mutual love and respect, not selfless love. No one want to give selfless love in relationship because relationship can not be selfless. We all want mutual love and respect, but if we don't get mutual love and respect no one like it. Marriage is all about partnership, it is not for individualistic self. When a women get married, she is not only comes to the man but she entered in a new life. Marriage is about living life together, it is not about fulling personal desire and interest. A woman should understand her role's in man life and a man should follow righteous path in life, so that they both can have good married life and able to fulfill their life purpose together. 

If a man’s Venus is in good dignity, then a man’s life can grow in many aspect of life, and If a man's Venus is not in good condition the man can work on it, so that he could get or attract a good wife (partner) in his life. 

Remedy of Venus: 


1. Venus is the reward of fulfilling of responsibility, pursuing his dharma and following whatever aspirations a man in his life. One should improve his Venus, by fulfilling his responsibility, by doing your dharma follow your aspirations in life, whatever you like or want to do in life just do it if a man wants to be sportsman he should concentrate on it, if a man want to become an engineer, he should focus in this studies, and just focus on goals of the life and keep marching on life path, eventually man will get desired woman in his life path. If a man do all these things the person get good wife. Women is the reward of fulfilling responsibility of life. Don’t look for women or search for woman just live your life with duty, responsibility and inspiration. Along that path a man get his woman in his life. Sometimes it takes years to get good wife but a man get a woman when he is least expected.

2. Give respect to females and do not humiliate them. 

3. Venus is planet of love, try to love every being selflessly. 

4. Try to keep mental balance. 

5. One should keep character in good dignity, not to flirt with women. 

6. Lord Shiva is the ultimate source of everything. Lord Shiva is zeroness, and everything is start from zeroness. One can manifest any desire if comes to the zero point, try to connect with divine power of Shiva. Practice meditation everyday for 10 minute. 

7. Pour milk on Shivling on Saturday in the morning. 

8. There is no need to worry, roam round unnecessary and wasting time. No need to hunt for woman, one should focus in his career, good Venus will automatically comes to man. Being responsible is a reward for man to have good wife. 

9. A man can wear diamond in a middle finger in white gold or in silver to reduce the effect of bad Venus but it should be checked by an astrologer.

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