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Women Relationship and Astrology

Relationship is very important part of our life and Now a days dealing with people is very challenging. Although we have relationship with family members like mother, father, brother, sister etc. But we also have relationship with others whom we we don’t know. In astrology science there are many clues from which we can find about the relationship with other peoples. We all have different behavior, if we know about our self and others basic behavior we can manage many relationship problems in life.

In astrology there are planets which are significator of relationships, if we know about these planet sign and house placement we can get many clues about our life partner and relationships.
Relationship (Venus)
Venus is the planet of relationship for both men and women, love, sex, sharing, compromise and respect in mutual relationship. In relationship if we cannot give  love then we cannot get love in return, If we can respect other person in relationship we can also get respect in return. Because Venus is the planet of give and take, it want in return, this the principal of Venus. In a relationship we have to follow rule of the love planet which is represented by Venus.

Venus is also girl friend and wife in a men chart and in general a relationship planet for both men and women. By looking of the sign and house placement of Venus in the birth chart an astrologer can tell the individual  what kind of relationship they may have and also in men birth chart it can give clue about the nature of his girlfriend and wife .

Does women change after Marriage? Yes, I think so as before marriage women is looking for Mars and after marriage they are looking for Jupiter 

By looking at the planets one can get clue about relationship and partner they may have.

Boyfriend (Mars)
Husband (Jupiter)
Mars is the planet of sex drive, self defense and also planet of men or boyfriend in a women chart. A women can have good time with mars but she cannot marry mars type person because mars is the planet of individuality and there is no place for individuality in relationship. By looking at the sign and house placement of mars in the birth chart someone can find what kind of women she get or attracted towards a men. 
Jupiter is the planet of husband in a women chart. Jupiter is the planet of hope, wisdom spiritualism, wealth giver. Women want some kind of higher knowledge in  life  generally women get attracted towards mars but as soon as they are married mars desires turn into Jupiter because what Jupiter can provide what mars cannot that is why women may fall in love with someone but she marries a different man. In a marriage women need support and security in life because women are emotionally weak, she needs support in her vulnerable days like pregnancy and overall in general in life. Mars can not provide all this things mars only know how to fight, be individualist  and have fun.

Relationship Spouse or Partner (7th house)
In astrology 7th house is the house of partner or spouse. For each ascendant every person have different 7th house energy depending on the ruling lord of the 7th house. One can tell about nature of the partner or spouse, like for Aries ascendant 7th house is ruled by Venus. The individual  may get partner like who have Venus sign like qualities. Venus is the planet of love, compromise, sharing, etc the person may get the partner who is loving, sharing and ready to compromise in a relationship, but also we have to check the placement of the Venus. If Venus is in the sign of Capricorn the person can be cold and can have conservative mind.

Any planet sitting next to these planet or any aspect from another planet may change the behavior of the planet. Like if Venus sitting with mercury the individual is creative in music and can be songwriter or if Venus aspect-ed by Jupiter the person can be very generous and helpful to the other people.

So with the help of astrology one can find about themselves and others cosmic energy.

There is also a system called kuta system in which points are given by matching of both men and women birth chart. This is deep level of matching of the both individual chart in which an astrologer check about their nakshatra matching so that couple may live their life peacefully.

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