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Debilitated / Exalted and Retrograde Planet in Astrology

 When  there is a  debilitated and retrograde planet it gives you ability to reverse debilitation.

Many times people ask question about the planet debilitated at the same time it is retrograded.

Generally in text is called Neecha Bhanga yoga (cancellation of debilitation) but nothing is cancelled, everything is added. So whenever a planet is debilitated and retro at the same times it just simply means the person reflecting on the debilitation of the planet. Therefore the planet debilitation is reduced in some way.

To understands this let’s take an example of Mercury retrograde and it is debilated at the same time. Mercury is debilitated in Pisces. Mercury is planet of intelligence and communication, when Mercury is debilitated the person is confused in details and kind of dreamy nature and not live in reality and intercommunicate due to his/her habit of exaggeration of words. 

But when Mercury turns retrograde it actually has the effect of reversing the problem of Mercury debilitated. So when the planet is debilitated and retrograde, what happens it is  reverse the quality of the debilitated planet. First it tends to make hesitate, meaning we are less confident when it's retrograde and just backup in our consciousness where we just act impulsively. So when Mercury debilitated and retrograde the person think before speaking or miscommunication. So when mercury debilitated we likely to being miscommunicate and trying to do confusing communication but when it is retrograde, first we think and speak, it will tends to bring a reversal. Pisces Mercury have tendency to kind of confused detail but when it retro it reflect on about confusion related with communication and they try to correct the confusion.

Debilitated Mercury means, someone's misspeaking, not paying attention to details but when it gets reverse they found solution very quickly.  But the person still have a problem of debilitated Mercury. They still have a tendency to misspeak, but when it goes retrograde planet reverse some of the difficult of the debilitated planet.

When Mars debilitated in the sign of Cancer. Mars is the planet of strength, courage and fighting ability. When it comes in the sign of Cancer it loses it fighting ability, because Cancer is very soft and sensitive sign. But when Mars debilitated and retro at the same time the person try to strengthen their weakness and try to face life problem with courage. 

Some people have Venus debilitated. Venus debilitated in the sign of Virgo. Venus is the planet of love, happiness and relationship. When it comes in sign of Virgo it becomes very criticizing and analytical. We all want a love which is pure and without any criticism because no one like criticism in love. Therefore when Venus is debilitated there is lot of chances in breaking of the relationship. But when Venus is debilitated at the same time it is retro what happen the person reflect on those things which indicated in debilitation of the planet. The person think before doing any criticism, the native will try not to do much analysis in relationship and relationship may work out. A debilitated planet with retro try to reduce the impact of debilitation.

When Jupiter is debilitated, Jupiter is debilitated in the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter is the planet of hope and wisdom and it comes in the sign of Capricorn it lose it quality the person may be materialistic and hopeless in bad times, but when it debilitated at same time retrograde the person is not lose its hope in bad times and try to strengthening the personal faith.

When Saturn is debilitated. Saturn is debilitated in the sign of Aries, the person suffer in long term goals and not able to sit in one place, but when it get retro the think about its long term goal try to minimize the effect of debilitation of the planet.

So whenever a planet is debilitated and retro at the same times it is mean the native has the capacity to reverse the debilitating effect of the planet. But nothing is cancel the effect of the debilitated planet is there but the person may feel less effects of debilitation of the planet. 

The same theory applies to exalted retrograde planets. If any planet is exalted and retrograde at the same time, it loose it exaltation effect, it loses its power in some way.

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