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Health in Astrology

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Health and Longevity is a concern of all. We not only want to live a long life, we want to live a healthy one. Health is the mirror picture of body, mind, and soul. as we are inside as we are outside. If we can learn how to balance our mind we can escape from many health problem.

In astrology a person can find about their health and if the person know about them they can take precaution to prevent any health problem, there is quote... prevention is better than cure.

Our body is the part of this nature and what is in this nature that is in our body simply means our body is the part of the universe. Everything exist with in us what exist outside. 

In astrology there are
mainly seven physical planets and two non physical planet.

Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn are the physical planet. Rahu and Ketu are the non physical planet which mainly act on our subconscious mind.

Every planet rule some parts of our body or exist in our body as astral body(Chakra) which regulate our whole body.

Body system mainly mixture of Prana Tejsav and Ojas element.

Tejsav means fire element which ruled by sun, mars and ketu.

Prana means air element which is ruled by saturn, mercury,and rahu.

Ojas means plegamatic (water) element which is ruled by moon, venus and jupiter. we need these element in balanced if they disturb may get sick.

Mainly physical body is indicated by the ascendant or rising sign and its ruler and the nature of the influence on them.

6th house is the house of disease. generally health of the person is seen by the 6th house and the planet sitting in this house.

Sun: is the soul which reside in the heart sun is the main planet which rule our vitality and energy level of the body it rule over our immune system. if the sun is weak the person may suffer from heart disease, it can give high fevers that exhaust the body fluid. the person may suffer disease like, weak heart, poor digestion, ulcer, poor vision,and overall low resistance to fight with disease.

Moon: rule over the mind and on our emotional and feelings. moon rule over the lungs part of the body. if moon is weak it generally affect mind the person may suffer nervousness and emotional imbalance. it may also give problem of excess of mucous in the body, swollen lymph glands,it may also give edema or water retention.

Mars: rule over blood system and marrow part of the bone from which blood cell formed. it represents injury and accidents, and surgery. when mars is weak it may produce toxic blood conditions like acne, boils and ulcerative sores in the body, blood disorder like anemia, it also can create stroke and hypertension.

Mercury: rule over nervous system and intelligence of mind. when mercury is weak it create it may give sensitive nervous system. it may also problem with the skin and prone to allergy. the person may suffer from speech defect, lack of intelligence and poor coordination.

Jupiter:Jupiter is the planet of wisdom it rule over the fat and liver and over all positive health. when jupiter is weak the person may suffer overweight, edema this can lead to poor blood circulation, high cholesterol and fatty liver.

Venus: is the planet of love, it rule over the hormone, endocrine system. when venus is weak it may give problem related with reproduction system. there can be chronic kidney or bladder infections or stones in the urinary tract, and person can suffer diabetes.

Saturn: is the planet of life force and death. it rule over the breath (PRANA) when our breath stop we die. saturn present structure so it also represents bone. when saturn is weak the person may suffer chronic and wasting disease like myasthenia gravis, arthritis, rheumatism, weak bone, osteoporosis and nervous disorder. 

Rahu: rule over our subconscious mind and desire, and drugs. any unfulfilled desire may give health problems. when rahu is weak it may give mysterious and difficult to treat disease of various type. it weaken the immune system and may cause cancer. it may create loss of appetite, the person can use drugs. rahu cause psychological disease like stress, insomnia, bad dreams, tremors, and neurosis.

Ketu: ketu is like rahu and mars. it may give problem like mars and rahu.

If we understand our physical type and mental outlook we can prevent many health as well as physiological problems in life. 

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