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Afflicted (damaged) Moon in Astrology

In astrology Moon is localized conscious (mind) and Sun is un-localized conscious (soul). Moon has no light it reflects the light of Sun. According to the Moon have light the person have mind and soul. Through this localized conscious we perceived things around us in the world. Moon is Jeevatma who travel lifetime to lifetime and carry our karma and give result according to that karma. Therefore in Bhagavad gita there is saying ‘’as you sow you will reap’’. Therefore one should be careful in taking action because they carry by the Moon to give result according to one’s karma’s. So Moon is very important to have good life and well as have enlightenment. Moon is also mother in astrology, and it clearly shown that our psychology directly related with our mother. If mother nurture well the person psychology is good and if mother not able to nurture her children well due to any reason the person may have psychological issues. Therefore it is very necessary for every mother to understand their kid’s needs and provide required nourishment.

Afflicted Moon in astrology is term used when Moon is damaged, means if the person have afflicted Moon they will suffer not having peace of mind, not having healthy thinking, they have negative thinking, and if the person not have healthy thinking or have negative thinking they may suffer many life problems which ultimately deteriorate their own health. They may suffer from depression and many other psychological problems.  These unhealthy thinking can be too much jealousy from others, not happy in others happiness, criticize people without any reason, living in own fantasy illusory world, which can give any mental problem like schizophrenia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), bipolar personality, insomnia and etc. Good or healthy Moon is very necessary to have healthy thinking and good life.  

So what are the conditions or position of Moon in birth chart which gives afflicted Moon.
There are many combination and condition which give afflicted Moon.

As we know Moon wants peace, if Moon or mind is disturbed by any reason it can have problem. It can be any genuine reason or non-genuine reason. This life based on mostly on Moon. How we react on certain thing depends on Moon. Although what we like, what we desire or not desire, it depend on Venus but what we did if we are not get things we want, how we react towards them it depends on Moon. Some people have very up and down in life but still manage their life very well. And there also some people who have everything in life but still they are not happy, ‘’why’’, because it depends on the stability of Moon.

First let discuss about which sign can give afflicted Moon. As we know Moon travel in each sign in approximately two and half day and one day in each Nakshatra. Moon behaves in differently in each sign or in each Nakshatra. Moon is exalted in Taurus sign very stable emotionally. Moon in Nakshatra Rohini is very stable.  If someone have Moon in Taurus sign the person may have worse situation in life but they have power to manage life’s worse situation. But if someone has Moon in Scorpio especially in certain degree's of Nakshatra the person emotions are very unstable. No matter the person have all the luxury of world they are not satisfied. Even small things in life bother them. As we know Scorpio is dark energy, and Moon comes in the sign of Scorpio it is filled with dark energy of Scorpio. Moon want peace but in Scorpio its peace get disturbed. Moon is dead in Scorpio. The mind is not easy, they jealous with people, they fear of small things, they always want comfort even they are not able to sleep if they did not get their favorite pillow. It just they makes their life miserable, they are their own worst enemy. These people need to makes them mentally strong.

In astrology there are malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) if they conjunct or aspected Moon give afflicted Moon. Even Sun is not enemy of Moon but when it conjunct Sun also disturbed peace of mind. In astrology sign of any conjunction or aspect of the Moon is very important to give results. Sometimes these malefic planets give strength to the Moon to fight with worse situation of life. But generally if Moon conjunct or aspected by these planets give heaviness to the mind.

As we know Saturn is the planet of reality of life. And we know reality of life is not good. When Saturn conjunct or aspected to Moon it makes person aware of reality of life. Some people have habit to love happy because they are not aware of harsh reality of life. But these people who have Saturn Moon conjunction make aware of time due to that these people are serious nature, practical, unresponsive and cold in emotions. But it depend on which sign it conjunction occur makes person suffer. Sometimes person may go in severe depression because they are not able to handle situation of life. Moon want to happy all the time but Saturn create problem in Moon happiness and give depression problem.

Saturn can give Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and bipolar behavior when conjuct with moon and mars not in good sign. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety mental disorder. OCD can be of many types. Usually OCD people have repetitive behavior and repetitive thinking pattern. It can be of many types like checking things repetitively what they have just done or go about their daily routines by repetitively washing and cleaning things. These people have a strong inclination to create order and perfection in their living environment. Some people have repetitive thoughts to such an extent they develop phobias, they may think that their loved harmed by someone and they develop some kind of insecurity and phobia related with that person.  People with bipolar disorder experience extreme mood swings. Some may experience an elevated (extremely happy) mood. Others may feel very agitated and act non cooperatively and aggressively, and some may behave in depressive, and mixed episodes.
For any severe problem in life there is combination of planets in the birth chart only one thing cannot give OCD or bipolar or any other problem in life. There are two planet of which rule mind and intelligence and they are Moon and Mercury. Planet Saturn is known for repetitive and routine job. And Virgo sign or sixth house is disease house. Capricorn sign is repetitive and routine work. Saturn in Virgo, Capricorn with Mercury and Moon may go in extremes of things may develop bipolar behavior and compulsive habits or thoughts. These people should understand by themselves that they this kind of problem and try to fix that problem.  

If Moon is hemmed, conjunct or aspected by malefic planets like Rahu (North Node), Mars and Ketu (South Node) give afflicted Moon. There is certain sign and house combination of Moon and Mercury which Rahu (North Node) and give disease like schizophrenia. As we know Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) is the point in sky which act as magnetic field and whenever any planet contact Rahu (North Node) it give impact on planets like magnet attract iron. Rahu (North Node) is illusion, fantasy, invention and unusual mind. Through Rahu (North Node) and Moon combination people invent things, create video games and create many more things. But sometimes in certain sign and houses this combination can give disease like schizophrenia. Because the person’s thought are not real they are just imaginary.

Sometimes Moon with Ketu (South Node) gives very weird thoughts and too much activity if it comes in Gemini sign and 3rd house which leads to insomnia problems. As such insomnia is very common problem now a days one should practice meditation to cure their insomnia problem.

When Moon when afflicted with Rahu (North Node) and Moon these people are very sensitive to paranormal activity. Moon and Ketu (South Node) conjunction in certain sign and house the person can see head less ghost as we know Ketu (South Node) is headless body. These people need to keep distance from unhealthy food like non-veg and alcohol so that these Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) negative energy cannot affect them.

Moon with Mars give anger problem and if there is combination with Rahu (North Node) it just amplify the anger problem.

Outer planets Uranus, Neptune or Pluto if forms a negative relation to Moon, the Moon can be afflicted.

Every conjunction and aspect of the Moon should be checked by the sign and houses. Not every conjunction and aspect give these problems. Every relation combination of planets should be checked carefully. By reading this article only one cannot conclude that they some mental problem. Before concluding anything they must consult with skilled astrologer so that they some guidance in their life. 

Remedy for damaged moon or unstable emotions:  

1. One should never go out in black and full moon, because negative energies are more active in these days.

2. Drink lot of water as it keep mind cool. 

3. Keep coconut with swastika sign on by sindoor on any kind of pot filled with sindoor water in your house to suck negative energy in your house. Change the coconut and pot water after 40 days. if coconut crack in between 40 days just change coconut and pot water immidiaetly.  

4. Worship full family of Lord Shiva.

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