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Ketu (South node) Rahu (North Node) Life Learning in Astrology

Each life time has some learning. Generally Saturn, Rahu (North Node) and the Ketu (South Node's) indicate problem areas in life. These planets sign, its house, conjunction with planets, the aspects to it and their houses and signs and the house it rules show problems in life.  

Although both Saturn's sign and the Ketu (South Node) are likely to be problematic, this will be in different ways and for different reasons.

The Ketu (South Node's) sign is often a sign with which we had so much experience that we may have neglected its opposite sign in past life. Ketu (South Node) shows negative patterns established in childhood or in past lifetime, that may interfere with growth or with accomplishing the life task. And it should be balance.

The Ketu (South Node's) sign represents qualities we must learn to express positively and integrate with the positive qualities of Rahu (North Node). The Ketu (South Nodes' house), its sign, represents an area of life in which we may have been overly focused to and ignore other areas. Now it is necessary to focus on the area of life in which the North Node is found. The message is to focus on the North Node's house and integrate the area of life represented by the Ketu (South Node) into the North Node's affairs.

The negative qualities of Ketu (South Node) and positive quality of Rahu (North Node) one should integrate with the axis.

(KETU/SOUTH Node energy should RELEASE and RAHU/NORTH Node should EMBRACE to fulfill your destiny point.)

Ketu (South Node) in Aries & Rahu (North Node) in Libra:


The Ketu (South Node) in Aries: These people are Selfishness, self-absorption, self-contentedness, lack of awareness of other people’s needs, lack of cooperation, contentiousness, aggressiveness, impulsiveness, Impatience. The person needs to focus on…. 

The Rahu (North Node) in Libra: Balance in relationships, selflessness, fairness, sharing, cooperation, mediation, diplomacy, skill in relating one-on-one, awareness of other people’s needs, an appreciation of beauty and the arts

Ketu (South Node) in Taurus & Rahu (North Node) in Scorpio 


The Ketu (South Node) in Taurus: These people are Materialistic, Hedonism, attachment to pleasures and comforts, greedy or miserly, lacking vision and a spiritual outlook, possessiveness, stubbornness, Resistance to change, inability to let go of things. The person needs to focus on…. .

The Rahu (North Node) in Scorpio: They should more focus on spirituality, capacity for self-transformation, good financial decision, ability to be intimate and share resources, self-discipline, psychological insight, inner strength, passion, intensity of purpose, strong will, and ability to deal with crises

Ketu (South Node) in Gemini & Rahu (North Node) in Sagittarius


The Ketu (South Node) in Gemini: These people lack of focus, indecisiveness, superficiality, lack of perspective and a Philosophical approach, changing too easily, not following through. The person need to focus on……. .

The Rahu (North Node) in Sagittarius:
Should look at the bigger picture, learn religious text, understanding of different culture, develop faith, wisdom, intuition, and should have futuristic vision. 

Ketu (South Node) in Cancer & Rahu (North Node) in Capricorn


The Ketu (South Node) in Cancer: These people are dependent, lack of an independent identity, lack of objectivity, Moodiness, prone to depression, emotional, insecurity. The person needs to focus on…….

The Rahu (North Node) in Capricorn:
They should focus on one’s goals self-discipline, ambition, hard work, responsibility, reliability, self-sufficiency, practicality, initiative, and leadership

Ketu (South Node) in Leo & Rahu (North Node) in Aquarius


The Ketu (South Node) in Leo: these people are egoistic, pride, self-absorption, domination of others, willfulness; need to have one’s own way, stubbornness, blind passion, overly dramatic. The person need to focus on……. . .

The Rahu (North Node) in Aquarius: Being part of the teamwork, innovation, inventiveness, original, well-being of others, humanitarianism, tolerance, and should cooperative with others.

Ketu (South Node) in Virgo & Rahu (North Node) in Pisces


The Ketu (South Node) in Virgo: These people are overly analytical and critical, judgmental, work holism, immersion in Work, perfectionism, overemphasis on detail, anxiety, and worrisome. The person needs to focus on…. . .

The Rahu (North Node) in Pisces: They need to learn freedom and allowing creativity to flow devotion to service, intuition, imagination, creativity, compassion, idealism, spiritual awareness and understanding of life. 

Ketu (South Node) in Libra & Rahu (North Node) in Aries


The Ketu (South Node) in Libra: These people are dependent in relationships for fulfillment, indecisiveness, lack of an Independent identity, overly compromising and compliant. The person needs to focus on…. . .

The Rahu (North Node) in Aries:
They should focus more on what the self needs initiative, assertiveness, independence, leadership, individuality, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, self-direction, and courage.

Ketu (South Node) in Scorpio & Rahu (North Node) in Taurus


The Ketu (South Node) in Scorpio: These people are losing oneself in others, dependency, going to extremes, creating Crises and dramas. The person needs to focus on…….

The Rahu (North Node) in Taurus:
They need to work on more real, stable relationships, hardworking, patience, loyalty, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, resourcefulness, practical, decisive in financial and business, and develop some artistic ability.

Ketu (South Node) in Sagittarius & Rahu (North Node) in Gemini


The Ketu (South Node) in Sagittarius: These people losing oneself in impractical abstractions, wandering from place to place or from idea to idea, accepting ideas without sufficient logical analysis, narrow-mindedness, Dogmatism, and self-righteousness. The person needs to focus on…. . .

The Rahu (North Node) in Gemini:
They need to explore new ideas, views of others, intelligence, communication and writing ability, logical analysis, and learning of amusement. 

Ketu (South Node) in Capricorn & Rahu (North Node) in Cancer


The Ketu (South Node) in Capricorn: These people have selfish drive for achievement ruled by ambition, greedy, power-seeking, social-climbing, emotionally repressed, coldness, harshness, selfishness, controlling, and dominating. The person needs to focus on…….

The Rahu (North Node) in Cancer:
They should more focus on the family and friend’s sensitivity, compassion, empathy, intuition, kindness, and should develop ability to nurture others.

Ketu (South Node) in Aquarius & Rahu (North Node) in Leo


The Ketu (South Node) in Aquarius: these people are being a follower, lack of passion and emotions, emotional Detachment, and impractical idealism. The person needs to focus on……. . .

The Rahu (North Node) in Leo:
They should focus on leadership by showing what one can do leadership, willpower, self-confidence, playfulness, creativity, self-expression, individuality, and should develop managerial skills.

Ketu (South Node) in Pisces & Rahu (North Node) in Virgo 


The Ketu (South Node) in Pisces: They people have tendency of escapism, irresponsibility, impracticality, over-sensitivity, passivity, dependency, over-emotionality, irrationality, confusion, and lack of discrimination. The person needs to focus on…. . .

The Rahu (North Node) in Virgo:
They needs to rational and practical means to achieve goals, devotion to service, discrimination, practicality, attention to detail, efficiency, organization, and analytical.  

The Rahu (North node) and Ketu (south node) axis is the learning in this life time to develop our soul.


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