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Sun As 7th (Seventh) Spouse Lord in Different Houses Astrology

Seventh house and 7th lord is very important house in astrology. 7th house represent Married life and Marriage partner in life. Although we get partner according to the 9th house because 9th house is the house of fortune and partner in life is also luck. What kind of partner you will get depend on your past life deeds or on your luck. However depending on which planet rule you 7th house you get partner according that planetary nature. But according to the placement of 7th lord in different sign and house planets give result.

Sun rule your seventh house its means you are Aquarius ascendant. Sun rule your 7th house its means the environment of seventh house is kind of planet like Sun and the partner is also of Sunny qualities. Sun is hot, satwic, mild malefic planet no matter what sign is Sun in it always create ego battles between partners.  Where Sun is sitting it burn the house or purify the house, making soul pure. However there will be difference in nature of the spouse according to the placement of Sun in different house. So what are the result if Sun sitting in different house.

Sun as 7th lord in 1st House: 1st house represents identity, personality, how you interact or resonate in this world. 1st house is 7th from 7th house and Sun in Aquarius sign. These people influenced by other people. They get a spouse who is very social, ambitious, unique, humanitarian, and kind of eccentric behavior.  They spouse is very authoritative, egotistic, and have leadership qualities. They have ego problems however the person looks towards spouse for their self-esteem and confidence. The spouse can be of from politics background and high authoritative figure.  

Sun as 7th lord in 2nd House: 2nd house represents money, family, values from value, close friends, voice and etc. 2nd house is 8th from 7th house and Sun in Pisces sign. The person get spouse who is kind of dreamy nature and generous in nature. Sun is in a friendly sign of Jupiter. The spouses have good manners and respect your family. Spouse gets attached to family members and become authoritative figure and acquire leading role in your family. The spouse brings lot of wealth with them. But sometime this can be trans formative in some way due to ego problem between partners.

Sun as 7th lord in 3rd House: 3rd house represents siblings, communication, meetings, short travel, neighbor, personal interest and peers. 3rd house is 9th from 7th house, and Sun in Aries sign. Sun is exalted in Aries. The person get spouse who bring luck in their life. The spouses have leader type quality, authoritative communicative ability, have good selling skill. As such there can be ego problem but spouse will help you to develop your personality and self-esteem. You feel proud in presence of your spouse. However spouse can create problem between your siblings and neighbors due to their hot nature.

Sun as 7th lord in 4th House: 4th house represents mother, convince, motherland, home, inner peace, vehicle and early education. 4th house is 10th from the 7th house and Sun in Taurus sign. The person get working spouse and spouse May work from home. The spouse bring lot of convenience in your life. The spouse can be authoritative, egocentric and want attention in family. The spouse good at managing finance, home Decoration and have good family values. The spouse is sensual, warm heart, have love for jewelry, practical, and like to hoarded money and wealth. Spouse is interested in security for family members and home. They May have interests in politics also.  

Sun as 7th lord in 5th House: 5th house represents children, romance, speculative business, sports, spiritual learning, creativity and etc. 5th house is 11th from 7th house and Sun in Gemini sign. The spouse is good at communication until it aspect or conjunct with Saturn. The person get spouse who is very ambitious, romantic, creative, little bit flirt, dramatic and fun loving in nature. The spouse confident, childlike in nature and light hearted. The spouses have good and authoritative communicative ability. The spouse can be good at writing, have good knowledge in old scripture and good in speculative business, and interested in politics. The person will gain from spouse and get good social circle through spouse.  

Sun as 7th lord in 6th House: 6th house is unpleasant house in astrology. It represents debts, obstacle, competition, courts, conflicts, health, service to the people, pet service and etc. 6th house is 12th from the 7th house and Sun is in Cancer sign. 7th house lord sitting in 6th house is not good in general. The person gets spouse who May sick, conflicting, competitive, argumentative, and May create problem in life. But the spouse can be service oriented and pet loving.  The person get spouse who is resistant to disease, strong and good ability to fight with enemies. You want a person who take care of you like mother, help you to deal with enemies and take charge of hardship of life. The spouse is very soft and emotional by heart and has love for animals and does not have much ego.

Sun as 7th lord in 7th House: Sun in 7th house means Sun in own Leo sign. This is very strong position for Sun. The spouses have speculative mind and business skill. The person is social and famous in people and their spouse as well.  The person is very confidant, have a high self-esteem, creative, egoistic and self-centered and the person get the spouse of the same nature.  There can be too much power struggle between them. Sun in the 7th house loses its directional strength. They give too much importance to their partner. Though they May have too much ego problem with partner but they never let down their partners self-esteem in front of other people.

Sun as 7th lord in 8th House: 8th house represents transformation, secrecy, mystery, occult science, joint assets, Married life, sexual behavior, underground things up and down, and etc. 8th house is 2nd from 7th house and Sun in Virgo sign. The person gain from the spouse and the spouse is very curious and interested in explore the mystery of the world. You get a partner who take authoritative charge and manage finance of home. The spouse is very intelligent and analytical who help you to manage your personality and do things intelligently. Sun in 8th house May create ego problems with in-laws and not give good sex life.

Sun as 7th lord in 9th House: 9th house represents luck, guru grace, higher learning, long distance travel foreign journey and wealth etc.  9th house is 3rd from 7th house and Sun in Libra sign. Although Sun is debilitated in Libra sign but Sun is in 9th house of his friend house Jupiter. The person get a spouse who May bring luck with them. The spouse can be very relationship oriented, dictator type, religious and diplomatic in nature. The spouse can be in government service in foreign land, May have short or long both kind of journey due to work. The spouse likes to take part in religious and social functions.

Sun as 7th lord in 10th House: 10th house represents career, reputation, politics, routine, work and achievements in life. 10th house is 4th from 7th house and Sun in Scorpio sign. The person get spouse who May be in government and authoritative position. The person expect from the partner to look and take charge of work. If the spouse not upto their expectations there May have ego battles between them. Their relationship will be transformative due to their own fears in life. The spouse is intense in work life and they do whatever needs them to achieve something in their career life. Although the person is home loving and also interested in mysteries of life.

Sun as 7th lord in 11th House: 11th lord represents ambition, highest desire, goals, income, social circle, friends and money etc. 11th house 5th from 7th house and Sun in Sagittarius sign. They get a partner according to their choice or they May have love Marriage. The spouse is generous, helpful, social, creative and romantic. You will get benefit from your spouse. The spouse will have authoritative image in the society and help you to make connection with the people. The spouses have links with higher ranked people. They May have religious people in their social network and have good time with them. 

Sun as 7th lord in 12th House: 12th house is house of loss, imagination, meditation, isolation, foreign land and dreams. 12th house is 6th from the 7th house and Sun in Capricorn sign. 6th house is unpleasant house in astrology. Sun in Capricorn sign and in 12th from 7th house shows the spouse you get have no ego. Although Sun represents ego but here Sun is in its enemy Saturn sign and in 12th house. The person is hard working, dutiful, have good organizational skill, spiritual in nature but ambitious at the same time. These people May find their partner in foreign land or partner May have some business or they work in government sector in foreign land. The person can have higher executive position in career field.

Results are modified, if any planet aspect or conjunct with Sun. And result is also vary according to landlord sign and house position. Landlord means in which planet sign Sun is sitting. If Sun in Sagittarius sign means Sun landlord is Jupiter and depending on the Jupiter condition Sun will give result.

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