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Jupiter and Venus Conjunction with Other Planets Astrology

Conjunction of planets in astrology is very common phenomena. These all planets revolve around the Sun and join some other planets as somewhere in zodiac of the sky. Sometimes there is one planet, sometimes two, three and more. As we know every planets represents unique qualities, and if the planets join some other planets their effects gets modified. So what are the effects of when Jupiter and Venus join other planets? First of all we should what all these planets represent. 

Venus represents love, relationship, happiness, desire, luxury, beauty, comfort, art, creativity, and physical pleasure. Venus is wife and girlfriend in man birth chart.

Jupiter represents luck, guru grace, divine blessings, knowledge, wisdom, wealth, optimism, different culture, law, teachers, creativity, higher education, religious beliefs, expansion, and long distance travelling. Jupiter is husband in women birth chart.

Sun Conjunction with Jupiter and Venus

Sun represents the ultimate source of energy, unlocalized being, ego, self-esteem, soul, personality, vitality, career and show the right path in life. Sun is father in astrology.  

Venus and Jupiter both are considered benefic planets. Jupiter is teacher of gods and Venus is teacher of demons (Rahu/North Node and Ketu/South Node). They both represent wealth, happiness and wisdom.  Sun is the ultimate source of light ultimately we all want to meet the Sun after purification of our soul. Sun is the hot, satwic planets who destroy darkness in front of us and show right path in the life. Sun and Jupiter both are enemies of Venus because Sun and Jupiter are show different direction in life and Venus show different path in life. In this conjunction Venus will suffer, Sun burning the Venus pleasure pursuit. The person is very creative, spiritual and has high wisdom about religious and spiritual life. Although the person is very rich but they lack in happiness especially in physical side. The person is very generous and loving in general. They can be good spiritual teacher or preacher. They get relationship but more on spiritual side. A man likes a woman who is very well educated and have high moral and vice versa for man. These people have good looks. Mans are generally very confident, handsome and full of hope and inspiration. These people meant for to look bigger picture of life. This person May have a loving relationship with father. The father is philosophical and loving in nature. These people can be good in finance and teaching and preaching jobs.

Moon Conjunction with Jupiter and Venus

Moon is localize being, jivatma, conscious, it carries karma lifetime to life, according to the Moon we perceive world, emotions, mind, feelings, peace, home, and imagination. Moon is mother and mother nourishment.

Moon and Jupiter they both are friend but Venus is enemy of both. Here person is rich, wealthy, creative, artistic, love for higher learning and travelling. The person is philosophical, generous, religious and loving in nature.  The person love for nice cloth, food and want to look attractive. Depending on which sign this conjunction occur mind will modified. If this occurs in Venus sign then the person more inclined to Venus stuff and lack in mental peace. But if this conjunction occurs in Jupiter sign then person more inclined towards Jupiter stuff and mind is peaceful. These people have loving and very generous and religious in nature. These people are good at finance and money management. Women are beautiful and men are handsome with this conjunction and they get spouse who is rich, loving and conscious about their appearance.

Mars Conjunction with Jupiter and Venus

Mars represents soldiers, energy, will power, stamina, strength, vitality, passion, fighting ability, accidents, sports, and weapons. Mars is brother or brotherly figures in astrology.

Mars is friend of Jupiter enemy of Venus but results are interesting. The person pursues higher knowledge, philosophy, culture, and religion. But at the same time the person is very passionate who seeks knowledge through relationships and sensuality. Jupiter is expansion and Mars and Venus increase sexuality and Jupiter expand that. These people have high drive for sex and love. These people can be good at teaching about sex and love. They can be good in sex and love knowledge and can be sexologist and relationship adviser. They have brother who have these kind of nature and they also get a spouse according this nature.  
Results vary according to the sign and house placement of this conjunction. If this conjunction occur in any of the debilitation sign of Mars and Venus then this conjunction May create problem in Married life. A women May get abusive boyfriend if Mars debilitated in 8th house with these planets.  

Mercury Conjunction with Jupiter and Venus

Mercury represents intelligence, communication, speech, analytical skills, calculative and business skill. Mercury is sister in astrology.

Mercury is friend of Venus and enemy of Jupiter. However the person is communication is very enthusiastic, hopeful and full of wisdom. These people have smiling face most of the time.  They like to talk about beauty of different culture, religion and spirituality. They good knowledge old historical scripture and like to acquire knowledge in that field. Most of the time they spend time in Library and studying something. The person enjoys talking about higher knowledge related to religion and spirituality. They are loving and intelligent teachers. They have sister like this nature. And they get a spouse who has knowledge in these areas. The spouse is very smart, lively, witty, authentic, intelligent, cultured and religious. The person good in Marketing and May have business in clothing. Good at hand work like, sewing and can be in sewing business. 

Saturn Conjunction with Jupiter and Venus

Saturn represents responsibility, organization, structure, delay, Separation, old people, fear, anxiety, labor work, lower type jobs, and construction work. Saturn is the significator of career and judge of past and present life karma. Saturn represents uncle in astrology.

Saturn and Venus are the best friend and Saturn is neutral to Jupiter. But Saturn always frustrate the planets although Saturn is the friend of Venus but when it conjunct with Venus and Jupiter it delay Marriage. If person marry early it always frustrate Venus and Jupiter. Depending on which house sign this conjunction give result sometimes this conjunction give abusing husband.  The person get very cold and non-loving spouse. And if they Marry early the women May get abusing husband. They need to careful not marry before 28 or 30s. However these people good at acquiring knowledge about old history and love ethnic’s things. If this conjunction occurs in Capricorn sign (Jupiter debilitated in Capricorn sign) the person can be atheist and not believe in any religion or can be very conservative and dogmatic in their belief.  They can be good Librarians, teacher in history subject, region and spirituality. In this conjunction Venus will suffer.

Rahu/North Node Conjunction with Jupiter and Venus

Rahu/North Node represent mainly worldly desire, we are in this world to experience our desire. If we have no Rahu/North Node desire ends and we embrace Ketu/South Node.  Rahu/North Node is subconscious mind, worldly desire, smoke, illusion, obsession, unconventional thought, magician, foreign things, and inventions of things. Without Rahu/North Node no one can invent or discover any things, this world is Rahu/North Node.

Now Rahu/North Node is with two teachers, who is dominant? Rahu/North Node and Venus both are good friends. They both represent materialistic pursuit. Venus is the teacher of occult science and Jupiter is the teacher of higher learning and divine wisdom. Rahu/North Node just amplify these planetary energies, the person is wealthy and rich. They obsessed over learning things and acquire knowledge about occult science, foreign culture, and region. Depending in which sign or house this conjunction occur the person get effect. If it occurs in Jupiter ruled sign then Rahu/North Node amplify more Jupiter things and if in Venus sign then it amplify Venus related things. The person creative and can be expert in exotic arts, can be a teacher in esoteric studies like astrology and hidden side of life. A man get a wife from foreign lands or a different culture, and region, and the wife will be well educated and good looking. If such a conjunction occurs in a woman's chart, then she get a husband Who show that he is very religious and spiritual but in real he is not.

Ketu/South Node Conjunction with Jupiter and Venus

Ketu/South Node is concentrated energy, dissatisfaction, past life knowledge, criticism, isolation, Separation, spirituality, detachment from material world, psychic intuition, occult and mystical knowledge. Ketu/South Node is already master in these two planetary energies. Here Ketu/South Node will accomplish which he is not able to acquire in past life and will make perfect. Ketu/South Node is friend of Jupiter. Venus will suffer in this conjunction. The person rich and wealthy, but not satisfied in relationships. Due to bad relationship experience in relationship the person forced to follow spirituality. With time these people understand physical love is not everything, they need to look beyond this materialistic pleasure. The person becomes spiritual with time. They feel peace when they are away from relationships, and in touch with divine love. They are good at meditation. They acquire lot of knowledge about spirituality, occult, and moksha. Women will get husband who is very religious and spiritual, not much interested in physical love. A man with such a conjunction will attract or get a woman who is spiritual and intelligent and non-loving physically.

Depending on the sign and house of the conjunction and degrees of the planets, they give result however these are the basic result of these conjunctions.

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