Thursday, March 20, 2014

Satrun and Moon Together (conjuction) in Astrology

Saturn is the harsh planet. Saturn is stress, fear, and anxiety.  Saturn is cold, practical and realistic planet. Saturn is planet of karma, it deals with the karma whether it is good or bad. Wherever Saturn is sitting in the chart it shows a major impact for that house. Saturn gives result according the naive past life and present life karma. Saturn doesn’t miss a chance to deliver his particular type of life lesson in the life of a native. Saturn time makes to understand about life and allowing to live a meaningful life.

The Moon is the opening to receive something.  Moon is peace of mind, emotions, imagination, emotional response, peace at heart and mother in astrology. Moon is very gentle planet, sensitive and caring planet. It is selfless love of mother.

Saturn is the most difficult planet in astrology. Any planets conjunct with Saturn, Saturn starve that planet. Moon always want to be happy and peaceful, The Moon is the emotional happiness and balance of mind. But when it conjunct with Saturn, it is not happy. These people have stress, fear and anxiety problem as general in life. They have difficulty in showing their feelings and affections to others, they might even feel disconnected with their feelings. As Moon represent mother this conjunction also shows that these people have mother who have very strict nature which keeps them very structured and organized. But in childhood we all want some freedom and not like to be restricted therefore it gives strained relationship with mother. This situation can happen with child whose mother is busy in something and have no time for their kids. Or sometimes mother also doesn’t feel connected emotionally with that particular kid who have this conjunction. Whatever the reasons ultimately child suffers. According to their child nourishment through mother they develop their psychology. As they lack in emotional and motherly nurturing they also become very cold and harsh in emotional nature. As they grow they tend to expect the same from their relationships, so in order not to be hurt from others they do not connect too deeply emotionally with others as a protective measure. They also suffer from poor self-image in young age, which even if they try to hide, is felt by others as a vibration of “I am not worthy enough” “why would anyone love me” “I do not deserve good things”.  It can make the person a bit colder or reserved in expressing emotions and person suffer from difficult emotions and inner pain. In the worst cases they will have periods of dejection and depression when they just give up and do not want to try anything.

Saturn is limitation in life. It sets boundaries to what we can and cannot achieve.  Saturn is responsibility. In Saturn and Moon conjunction the mind become heavy due to too much of responsibility of life. It can depress the mind or put a burden of responsibility and feeling of heaviness on our emotional state. Saturn put boundaries to the Moon, the person not get what he want it makes them depressed.

On the positive side, Saturn and Moon conjunction makes people, structure, organized, practical discipline which is required any successful career. So they often succeed in life through true devotion to work and hard work and through constantly trying to perfect their weaknesses, as they are so aware of them. They are a good example of self-control, discipline, hardworking, and determination to do all efforts necessary to succeed.

Even though these people are very sensitive and take things very personally but they never show their weakness in front of others. These people should work on forgiving because it is the only way for them to release their pain and pressure they feel emotionally. All these more painful states tend to improve with age. Usually around 1st Saturn return around 28 of age onwards, Saturn matures and the person has learned the harsher lessons of Saturn and learned enough and how to forgive. Their emotions become much better after with age.

These people need to recite Hanuman chalisa to fight their stress, fear and anxiety in life. Mostly don’t know the power of these things but they must try if they are suffering through Moon and Saturn affliction in the birth chart.  

Saturn, what to learn