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Career and Money in Astrology

In astrology the career and money walk together. If you have a good career then definitely you have good money. Although money can be gain not only from work but by many other means also.

So what are the clues in the astrology which give you hints about your career and wealth.

1. Planets: The planets were all visiting specific zodiac signs when you were born. Each planet is associated with their own unique energy.

2. Zodiac sign: The zodiac sign of the planets is the parts of your nature. Your unique behavior depends on the sign of the planets.

3. Houses: The Areas of Your Life or the “Stage”. The 12 houses of the zodiac all represent different areas of life.

The Planets sign and their placement in house can guide you towards your career path and abundance to your wealth.
Ascendant or Rising Sign: Ruler shows our basic interests. The first house sets your orientation in the world, revealing how others see you in work, the first impression you make and your overall attitude toward work or life.

Sun: The Sun shows our desire to shine powerfully and be recognized. Where you find the Sun in the chart is where you want to shine.

Moon: Where you find the Moon in the chart, is where you tend to experience emotional ups and downs.

Mars: The warrior reveals what excites you about a job and what gets you into action. Where you find Mars in the chart is where you expend the greatest energy. It can also show what stresses you out.

Mercury: Shows communication, curiosity, and revealing where your interests lie. Where you find Mercury in the chart shows where and how you communicate best.

Jupiter: Its placement in your chart shows where you’ll be luckiest, where it’s safe to take a risk, and where to play a big game. It can also show where you tend to be overly optimistic.

Venus: Where you find Venus in the chart shows what you really love to do things and enjoy.

Saturn: Saturn shows our determined efforts over a long period of time. Where you find Saturn in the chart is where you feel least secure and tend to overcompensate and need to do work hard.

Career Paths for the 12 Zodiac Signs and Houses


ARIES: Ruled by Mars, Fiery, ambitious, aggressive, assertive, driven, warlike, and competitive. Aries sign gives interest in entrepreneurship, leadership, defense attorney, motivational speaker, stunt person, inventor, athlete and hairdresser.

TAURUS: Ruled by Venus, practical, sensual, beautifying, peaceful, pleasurable, and cozy. Taurus sign gives interest in Banking, financial manager, real estate agent, Gardner, Decorator, chef, interior designer, musician, art dealer, restaurant owner, makeup artist, singer, insurance broker, naturalist, environmentalist, financial planner, architect, accountant.

Ruled by Mercury, communicative, clever, curious, drawn to new ideas, and media. Gemini sign gives interest in Reporter, teacher, web developer, agent, entrepreneur, musician, hairstylist, project manager, sales, yoga or dance instructor, linguistics, interpreter, DJ, day trader, PR or Marketing, writer, engineer, video game designer.

CANCER: Ruled by Moon sensitive, emotional, compassionate, reflective, feminine, women & children. Cancer sign gives interest in child care worker, gallery owner, art director, interior designer, women’s rights lawyer. Urban planner, family therapist, bed and breakfast owner, home-based business owner, organizational strategist, assets manager, real estate and chef.

LEO: Ruled by Sun, ego-driven, dramatic, showy, leadership qualities, and like to be in the spotlight. Leo sign gives interest in Acting, artist, designer, executive director, agent, performer, religious leader, CEO, president, event planner, politician, public speaker, dancer, theater director, and game developer.

VIRGO: Ruled by Mercury Order, service, helpfulness, organization, efficiency, systems, and intellect. Virgo sign gives interest in nutritionist, office manager, veterinarian, accountant, social worker, project manager, holistic healer, naturopath, agent, animal trainer, strategist, and therapist

Ruled by Venus harmonious, beautifying, peaceful, pleasurable, mutual, and balanced. Libra sign gives interest in Fashion designer, interior Decorator, creative director, artist, musician, publicist, lawyer, make-up artist, food, critic, human rights advocate, filmmaker, mediator, engineer, architect, agent, judge, literary agent

SCORPIO: Ruled by Mars and Pluto intense, penetrating, psychological, mystical,, powerful and transformational. Scorpio sign gives interest in Agent, real estate, body worker, psychiatrist, investment banker, psychologist, mystic, tax attorney, mortician, detective, private investigator, forensic detective, surgeons, and loan officer.

SAGITTARIUS: Ruled by Jupiter expansive, lucky, gambling, global, cross-cultural, seeking and adventurous. Sagittarius sign gives interest in motivational speaker, travel agent, publisher, life coach, counselor, corporate consultant, professor, outdoor guide, author, and adviser.

CAPRICORN: Ruled by Saturn serious, secure, structured, well-planned, reserved,and slow and steady. Capricorn sign show interest in CEO, producer, manager, politician, general, stockbroker, corporate executive, school principal, business owner, director, military, and executive director.

AQUARIUS: Ruled by Saturn and Uranus radical, creative, innovative, futuristic, technology, scientific, and humanitarian. Aquarius sign show interest in Teaching, futurist, scientist, inventor, public relations, pop star, coach, holistic healer, talk show host, author, coder, therapist, project manager, nonprofit worker, human rights activist, local politician, and scientist.

Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune dreamy, artistic, imaginative, soulful, compassionate, and spiritual. Pisces sign shows interest in therapist, holistic healer, nurse, doctor, agent, charity fundraiser, art dealer, painter, musician, photographer, filmmaker, dancer, and classical music. 

 There are five specific houses associated with Work and Money in the chart:

2nd House: Governs wealth, it shows how you earn money.

4th House: Rules your approach to savings, how you care for your family.

6th House: Reveals your work style, efficiency, and daily routines.

8th House: Governs investments, shared finances, big money like inheritance, tax returns, commissions and property sale, long-term finances, joint resources and shared properties.

10th House: The house of career and success reveals clues to your career path and what kind of leadership style you’ll have.

10th House Ruler shows our basic outlook and approach to responsibility.

10th House is the field of responsibility, the career and what affects it specifically.

10th Divisional Chart show details about career strengths and weaknesses.

5th and 9th house gives wealth according to past life karma. If you have done good deeds in your past life you will be rewarded by wealth in this birth. Lords of 1st, 5th and 9th house sitting in these house gives wealth, it know as Laxmi yoga.

Planets In the work and money houses: Having planets in any of the work and money houses is like having support from these planets. While Saturn and Pluto May reveal some restrictions, they’ll also reward you for working hard. If those houses are empty, you need to look where the house lord placed in other house. It shows your interest and working abilities according to in which house it is placed. .

Rahu/North Node and Ketu/south node is your karmic destiny point that reveals your one true purpose.

Ketu/South Node: Revealing Past Lives, Natural Abilities, and The South Node reveals the gifts that you bring into this lifetime. You will be innately good in these areas of life, and May you begin your early path based on your South Node learning.

Rahu/North Node: You’re Destiny That’s Calling “What am I meant to do with my life?”
It’s like the activation of your life’s mission. The sooner you align yourself with this path, the more purpose driven your life will become.

How to Understand and use these nodes In Your Chart?

KETU/SOUTH Node energy should RELEASE and RAHU/NORTH Node should EMBRACE to fulfill your destiny point.

For more information on Rahu/North Node and Ketu/South Node Axis check the link below.

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