Sunday, July 20, 2014

Well Wishers How many do we have Astrology

To Start with I can say that we are our own best well wisher . We are living through this life .. If we look at it there is so much that influences our life..  I don't think it is possible for us to know all what is around us and how it influences us. We rely on the well wishers around us by family, friends or paid service. If we start paying for all the advice we get we will not have enough to pay. 

Hence we are dependent on well wishers to go through the life minimizing the issues we face. If we have good knowledgeable parents we are blessed and always guided in life.

All said and done we are the best well wisher for our-self. How and why..

e.g Astrologically if we have a badly placed Jupiter, we will lack good advice and have bad guidance so it becomes our duty to be vigilant and make the right call.

1) Self Analysis : I think we should do this on a regular basis. It helps us self evaluate and make corrective actions. Sometime it is hard to find faults in ourselves but we need to try. We are helping ourselves.

2) Argument situation :  There is always minimum of 2 needed to argue. Again it is hard to find a fault in what we did. But it makes us a better person if we are able to improve even a minor thing and are the first to avoid an argument.

3) Feeling of Wrong : Some people just assumes that they are wrong or the other person is trying to prove them wrong.  Just imagine that we start defending what we are saying .. which is unnecessary and makes the conversation complicated.

4) Inferiority complex :  Inferiority complex is something that causes a lot of damage. We know what we know and are willing to learn is the best we can do. We cannot know all the things in life .. the best we can do is to learn what we don't know and is needed. ( If Sun is week in the chart)

5) Being a good Listener is the best thing we can do, most of the time we are trying to make other listen, Try it out .. people around you will be lot happy and make you happy when you are good listener and engage in a +ve way.

6) Listening to criticism : Listening to criticism is an opportunity of improving ourselves. We ignore or deflect it by saying the other person is wrong or we are right because no one understands what we have to say.

7) Being Criticizing : Sometime we are perfectionist or we want things to be better, or sometimes we just want people around us to be better. If we find fault or are picky on things people will not like us .. they may start hating us.

8) No One can understand me : I think this is just something that needs to be reevaluated as .. if no one can understand that means we may not have something to stand on. This is something we should either be able to convince others or someone or we need to rethink what ever it is. (Rahu can make us think different)

9) Strong Language :  Some times we think using a strong language get's our point across. Imagine being on the other side of receiving the strong language. We should always use soft words.. other wise people start hating us.

10) Being Irritated or Irritating Person :  Who wants to be with a person who is irritated or make others irritated. We need to be pleasant person so that people wants to be around us.

11) I have no friends:  If some one doesn't have friends .. there is probably a reason for that we may have a personality that people doesn't want to be around or we may have complexes which doesn't let us be around people.  We humans are social animals.. we need to be around people otherwise we may have issues.

Do we have all these to deserve a well wisher. Again we owe it our-self to think on it ..

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