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Saturn in Different House and Karmic Debt Astrology


Saturn is the the planet of solitude, fears and letting go of things. Anxiety, fear, sorrow, insecurity, loss and life’s painful lessons are all ways Saturn teaches us to give up attachment to tangibles things and not take things so personally. However, at some point in life we need to understand that there is, something bigger than us what we cannot control and it forced us to face in life like, death of a loved one, a chronic illness, or an excessive amount of responsibility. These crises and pain in life we must face them and try to learn lesson of Saturn. Ultimately Saturn makes us realistic and mature about the real meaning of life by making peace with it and releasing the painful attachments to the world. Good Saturn is very compassionate and understanding, and bad Saturn is very bitter and selfish.
Saturn represents reputation, ambition, fear, responsibility, delay, restriction, illness, capacity for hard work, stress, and isolation. Saturn is the planet of karma. It judge someone life by judging their karma and give new life based on their past life karma. No one can escape from law of karma in the realm of divine power. Everyone is equal what makes difference is that their own karma. If you do good you will get good if you do bad you will get bad. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction this is divine law. If someone in a bad situation is due to their own ignorance, not due to someone else.
So what are the common finding of karmic debt related with Saturn in different house. We need to add, what Saturn represents in the house to understand the meaning of Saturn in different houses.

Saturn in the First house

Ascendant or first house is the first thing from which we are learning things and experience life. Saturn in ascendant makes person fearful nature, inhibited, and restricted in learning for new things. Saturn in first house is just like debilitated Saturn, it is in reverse digbala where it loses its strength. It May indicate a fear of self-expression, resulting from a past life bad experience in which this caused pain or suffering. This fear leads to feelings of insecurity, lack of confidence or courage, shyness, awkwardness, and an inability to assert oneself. This leads to a pessimistic attitude and they easily surrenders in front of opposition. It May indicate an abuse of will in a former lifetime, which is being balanced by frustrations and delays in attaining one's goals. The individual’s prevented from accomplishing a purpose, and through these frustrations these people acquired humility, sympathetic nature towards others. It can be corrected by, involvement with others, since this provides opportunities for self-assertion and gaining confidence. These individuals have to fight to overcome their negativity and to assert their will toward their goals. Living in solitude only enhance their self-focus and fear of others which is not good in life.

Saturn in the Second house

Saturn in second house, indicate the native have fear of poverty and a sense of never having enough, resulting from an experience of scarcity in a past life or in early childhood. Second house represent mainly wealth, self-esteem, value, and family. There could be possibilities of being born into poor family in the current lifetime, which makes individualism work through this poverty issue. Which makes them frugal minded. No matter how much money these people have, they have habit live like rags. Both experiences, greed and poverty are likely to manifest as a drive to hoard wealth, resulting in lessons about what is of true value in life. Lack of wealth, money, security, self-esteem, which they need to develop in this lifetime. But these lessons May be delivered by having great wealth and losing it, by experiencing the emptiness of material satisfaction, or through frustrations and delays in attaining it. These people need to understand that or learn that no amount of money can buy security or a sense of self-worth, which can only come from within. Although money is very important in life but these people should not run after wealth too much, and should learn to spend time with nature and family.

Saturn in the Third house

Saturn in third house, indicate the native have fear of traveling resulting from an accident or tragedy that occurred while traveling in past lives or in childhood. The individual might be afraid of expressing in speaking, reading, learning of anything and they generally lack in courage. These fears May leads to stuttering, shyness, poor performance, or a sense of inadequacy about their personal interest. Many with this placement work hard to develop their verbal abilities in an attempt to conquer their sense of shame and feelings of inferiority. Once they have overcome their inadequacy, they turn their weakness into strength, and develop many skills. They can be excellent communicator, and can work in teaching profession. If the person have problem in speech or hearing problems, or learning problems than there is clue that, this person May have misused their power of communication or prevented others from learning or speaking in a past life or in childhood and will meet with lessons to balance this. Sometimes, this balancing is accomplished by restricting the individual’s ability to communicate, which might manifest as speech or hearing problems, learning problems, or even not have any skill.

Saturn in the Fourth house

Saturn in fourth house, indicate the native have difficulty with family members due to from a former lifetime. The individual might have abandoned a family in previous live and is now experiencing how that feels when family members not give love and emotional security, which usually shown by insufficient emotional support from the parents and in general family members. The home life might be disturbed by divorce or the death of a parent, burdened by a lack of resources or sickness, or simply lacking in warmth and emotional closeness.  There May be fear surrounding this relationship and a feeling of burden and responsibility, resulting in emotionally cool and distant from family members. This leaves the individual emotionally wounded and feeling unloved. As a result, the native craves the protection. And emotional connection those were lacking but has difficulty trusting others and opening up emotionally to others. Releasing this karma May be a very important part of this life time to the person.  In almost every case, it develops compassion and an appreciation for the importance of family and of properly caring for children. This side of life might have been neglected or undervalued in previous lifetimes.

Saturn in the Fifth house

Saturn in fifth house, indicate the native have fear of self-expression. This shows as a lack of confidence, creativity, self-assertion, energy, and enthusiasm to enjoy fun in life. The fear May be rooted in a past life experience of suppression of creativity or the native May have misused their power of self-expression, so now they are especially cautious in these matters. Their creativity May be blocked or their creative products unfulfilling. 5th house related with romance and love affairs. They struggle with feelings of inadequacy and being unloved and have difficulty in expressing love to their partner. Thus, they bring rejection and heartbreak on themselves, making it all the more difficult for them to love themselves. That is what they need to learn to do. They must realize their own significance and individuality. This placement also May indicate a karmic debt to owed to a child or to children.  Sometimes it coincides with inability to have children or restrictions on having children. Which leads to them finding new purpose in life which fulfilling their karmic debt related with children. It could be responsibility, burdens, or work related to a child or children of others. It could serve a karmic purpose or serve to focus energy in another direction, which makes the native to understanding and compassionate.  

Saturn in the Sixth house

Saturn in sixth house, indicate the native have fear of illness which May be either mental or physical from a past life, which May motivate the individual to pay special attention to health, diet, hygiene, and proper care of the body, which is one of life’s basic lessons. The illness or difficulty which May or May not be associated with health matters, it could be mistreatment of someone under one's service May be the karmic debt. The purpose of karma is to balance a wrong attitude or action towards low class people. . If a servants owner's intentions and treatment of his servants were good, then little or no karmic balancing would be necessary. If not, than there is karmic backlog towards the service or servant. Another important lesson for those with this placement is service. Saturn in the sixth house find themselves in performing menial work. They might be stuck in an unsatisfying job, the native just bored of an endless daily routine.  Limitations, frustrations, and discontentment with work are common. This May be serving to teach them humility and the value of service and to balance any negative attitudes toward servants, work and routine. They need to establish organization and a routine in their lives and learn to embrace even the most ordinary work.

Saturn in the Seventh house

Saturn in seventh house, indicate the native have fear of loneliness. It May be due they hurt or get hurt in a past life from partner or early in relationship with someone, which leads to difficulties in relationships. These people afraid in opening emotionally with their partners as result relationship become distant, cold and dull.  Their struggles with relationships often result in a drive to they take relationships very seriously. These people like to choose partners who are safe (e.g. ones who have problems like them). They tend to form relationships that are restricting, burdensome, disappointing, or unloving. Many are attracted to more serious types relationship which can provide the stability, and give faithfulness, or some choose older partner which can give them monetary security they need to feel safe money wise. These individuals have karmic debt of relationship and are forced to face certain important lessons in love and to learn to cope with loneliness and understand people in relationships. This placement also May indicate a karmic relationship with their partner or a business in which a partnership is full of painful lessons.  On the other hand, it might serve to focus their energy in directions other than relationships by delaying or blocking them in relationship.

Saturn in the Eighth house

This is the most difficult placement for Saturn in the natal chart. Saturn in eighth house, indicate the native have fear of intimacy and difficulty merging with another. This difficulty May originate from betrayal or some other misfortune in love in a past life or in the early life or misuse or abuse of power in a former lifetime and the need for lessons to correct this is another possibility for this placement. Or might have family that is abusive, cold, or emotionally disconnected. These individuals not only fear sharing themselves emotionally with others but sexually as well. Due to that they have sexual dysfunction. For overcome for their fears these people have casual sexual relations. Or other possibility of this placement could become victims of sexual abuse or other forms of violence or emotional wounding, perhaps to balance karma. Another possible challenge is around other people's money. There May be obstacles in obtain a divorce settlement, an inheritance, or tax moneys. Finally, it May be that a karmic debt is owed, or has willingly been taken on, to a romantic or business partner.  If that is the case, the individual May be burdened financially by a partnership. Such challenges May motivate native to learn the deeper part of psychology and of their own emotional well-being. 8th house of transformation through painful things in life. It necessitates healing and going within, which May be part of the soul’s growth in this lifetime to the native.

Saturn in the Ninth house

Saturn in ninth house, indicate the native have fear of higher learning, region, believe system and long distance travelling. The native May have experienced mental oppression, dogmatism, or a restriction of personal freedom in a former lifetime from religious, legal, governmental, or educational institutions or from family members in current life. Many feel disillusioned by the faith in which they were brought up. Or the individual might be betrayed or let down by a spiritual leader or religion. As a result, they May have lost faith in spiritual guru or in region, or believe in nothing.  The native could be atheist. These people need to discover their own truth and belief system that works for them. They May study law, religion, government, or philosophy in an effort to uncover the understanding they seek. Once they have, they often become teachers of these subjects. This placement also May indicate intolerance, unacceptance, dogmatism, or oppression that needs to be balanced. More positively, it might be balanced through exposure to those of other cultures and beliefs, which hopefully will broaden the individual’s understanding about ninth house stuff. .

Saturn in the Tenth house

Saturn in tenth house, indicate the native have fear of success, of one's own power, or of public humiliation, which could be originate from fall from a high social position in a previous lifetime. Past connection to this placement is the native May have abused the power that society invested in a past life and must be careful not to repeat this mistake. On the other hand, the fear of failure, intense ambition, need to be important, and sense of inadequacy of this placement May be a response to a father who is critical, demanding, and cold. To succeed, these individuals will have to overcome their fears and resistance to name and fame. They will be wise to hold oneself back, from using unethical means for attaining power and from abusing the power they do achieve. If they don’t, disgrace or a fall is sure. On the other hand Saturn in 10th house need to work hard to attain and maintain their social status, as it often brings obstacles, delays, disappointments, or a lack of opportunity in the career. However, with due caution, discipline, hard work, and humility, many things can be achieved. This is the only way to the recognition and respect that they desires in their life. .

Saturn in the Eleventh house

Saturn in eleventh house, indicate the native have fear of mixing in social circle. In a previous lifetime, or in past lives these people have been outcast by a group or a community or rejected by friends. This May have left these people emotionally hurt. Because of that it is very hard for them to make friends or mix in social or friend circle. To overcome their insecurity, these native May embrace to a seclusion lifestyle, which created by social situations. To cover up their low self-esteem, they might show to be superior or tell others that it is because they are special or different from others and that they don’t fit in. These people need special understanding and encouragement to build their confidence and help them overcome their shyness and sense of social isolation. These natives need to become involved with others, express themselves within groups, and assume leadership for the common good. They May be asked to take on responsibilities as a result of a friendship, or friendships May be burdensome or challenging. Saturn in 11th house, these people they meet in groups and with whom they form friendships May be people they knew in previous lifetimes. This position also May indicate working with a friend. A more constructive use of this placement is for them to become involved with a group or a cause.

Saturn in the Twelfth house

Saturn in twelfth house, indicate the native have fear of being confined, dependent, disable, mentally ill, or helpless from having experienced these conditions in a former lifetime or in current life. The probability of this placement, they May have taken advantage of the mentally ill, sick, or others who are weak or vulnerable. Many with this placement feel a deep-seated guilt and a sense of obligation to others or to society, which May be based on a karmic debt.
They will work hard to avoid these possibilities by paying their dues to society and serving those whose condition they fear most. Their desire to serve in these areas also comes from the compassion that they developed from having been confined, mentally ill, or disable in a former lifetime. Their service in these areas also May be a way for them to repay service that they received from society when they were dependent or disable.  A common means of balancing this debt is through service, particularly of a psychological or spiritual nature. Some May becoming healers or monks or nuns.  Isolation, dependency, hospitalization,, and confinement are the most extreme possibilities for this lesson. Through from these experiences, we learn compassion. Saturn in 12th house learn to let go and surrender our own will to a higher one. Service and a willingness to explore their depths and experience unity consciousness are what is being asked of these native in a difficult way of life.

If you find these similarities in your life related with your Saturn in your chart, you have karmic backlog and you need to understand and what Saturn telling you, what to learn and what to let go.  

Saturn teaches, what to learn in this life