Sunday, July 20, 2014

Who get's Influenced by the Planets/Stars Astrology

I think there is always a conversation of how much of astrology influences us . Some believe in astrology and some don't.  For those who feel that astrology is true have seen events that has happened as indicated in their chart or have gone through the bad times when it said so. Some got lucky in the time indicated.

For what I  can think there are 3 categories of  influences..

It is in my fate.

These are the people who just take life as it come, be it sorrow or joy they don't mind. It is their fate.  In some ways that is a good way to live. I have personally lived life this way for so many years as we don't know the future, doesn't have control over our emotions and mind swing in a way to make us think life is like that. Astrology can predict most of the things in these lives.


I take life as it comes and am observant of thoughts

In this category people are still channelized by the forces around. They are observant and very vigilant of their thoughts and calm enough to deal with the situation. This solves most of the problems in life an makes it better.  Here Life pattern can be aligned with  Astrology, but a good chunk of it is in control of the person. This is difficult for a common person as it needs lot of self-control.


I have control over my life.

These are the people who are very strong in their mind and have control over all their senses. These are very successful people or mahatma's.  Astrology has no meaning for these people. For all the ordinary people this is not possible as we are driven by the jealous, anger, desire and greed.

We have our behavior in our hands, but there are many other things in life which are not in our hand  these things can change our life. e.g. natural calamities is not in our hand and can have big influence in our life.  So we can not ignore influence of astral bodies (planets). These are the divine forces which keep records of your action in the form of vibration and reflect back on us according to your vibration ( karma). So do good you will get good life. These divine forces are neutral for everyone. They just act according to your vibration. As below so above always remember this rule.   

On a personal experience in my professional life .. I was all set to take a new job in Sep-2001. 9/11 happened and it changed the course of my life. I couldn't join the company i was intending to join.. good or bad .. it was a turn in my life which was beyond my control and changed my destiny or this is my destiny.  I could do nothing that would have changed things for me.

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