Friday, July 18, 2014

Eating Right for the Right Mind and Success Astrology

As said we are what we eat. If we look at it .. it is very rightly said. let's say we eat fried and heavy food... we will feel sleepy after that  and would want to go to sleep or take  rest or lazy around.

Like wise if we have a light food we will feel good and ready to do what ever next thing we want to do. 

With time some of us start picking up different eating habits than we are used to when we are healthy and start putting up weight and feeling unhealthy. 

It happened to me around 4-5 years ago.. My ice-cream intake stated going up at night, I was eating a lot outside, was eating chocolate and cakes. It is not that these things are bad.. But these became my regular food and didn't do any exercise.. Slowly I started putting on weight, started feeling tired and didn’t feel like doing much, used to get irritated very quickly and was sleeping 8-9 hours and still didn't feel fresh.

I got to 189 lbs .. Which was very heavy for me .. In the morning I didn't feel like doing anything.. I started feeling bad about food and didn't feel any better.

When it got too much for me,  I decided to lose weight and to go on a no oil diet and lost 13 lbs or so and more.. I came down to 165 lbs .. Weight wise I started feeling good .. But I was still hungry and wanted to eat more. I had to exercise lot of control to keep my weight down.  I got my checkup done and started taking raw Olive oil and coconut oil which helped my body get oil.. which made me feel better.

I have been doing changes in my diet and trying to keep my energy levels up. Now I am fresh after 6 hours of sleep on the weekdays. I try to sleep early and get up early.. this has helped me focus and have a stable mind.

Eating is the most important thing for keeping the mind calm and relaxed. If we eat heavy food we feel tired and mind doesn't function well. If we eat light and nutritive food we feel energetic and our mind is calm and easy to take on any conversation and situation. Every body is different with a calm mind the Planets doesn't effect us that much as the harmful planets first make us angry, irritated or emotional before they cause us to do harm to ourselves.  A calm mind has less probability of getting influenced by the bad planetary placements. 

Dieting is not solution for those people who have weight gain tendency, because when they do dieting they loose weight and when they are not on dieting they easily gain weight. These people need to choose food which is fulfilling and keep their weight in check.  e.g. olive oil, coconut oil, oatmeal, brown rice, lot of vegetables and fruits are the good food choice for them. 

Check with your doctor.. We should considering eating dopamine generating food as it can create natural happy for no reason mood and attitude. Some of them are apples, avocado,  bananas, beets, green leafy vegetables, green tea, yogurt, lima beans, oatmeal, sesame and pumpkin seeds , watermelon, wheat germ, turmeric, fenugreek, ginseng, milk thistle, red clover, almonds

Wrong kind of food habits appears when we are emotionally weak and able to have discipline on food habits. When we are emotionally weak (moon weak) and have no control or discipline ( weak mars) we want some happiness ( Venus stuff ) and food gives us some happiness for a movement, we gain weight. So try to live in a balance by strengthening your emotions by making your Mars strong so that you can control your desire for eating. 

So we can say if we eat right we can be successful, have a better life and heal ourselves.

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