Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MidLife Crisis Vedic Astrology

Mid Life Crisis... Not everyone goes through it ..Have you seen what happens to people who are going through mid life crisis.

In other people words they start doing crazy and acting weird.  They start doing things that they never did before. They want to look young. They want to be active and have just do it kind of attitude. Some people may go through different emotions and expressions.

At a high level people realize that they have not lived as they wanted to .. or they were driven by fear and didn't want to take risk. Some realize that they deserve better or can do better in life. They wanted to buy a car but didn't buy.. they want to buy it now as they realize that life is short.

I think there is a astrological explanation for it. We consider 9 heavenly bodies for analysis.
If anyone of them are not favorably placed they cause imbalance in life. Every planet has a time cycle on which they release us from their bad effect/matures us in the area of life.

So in essence if we understand the energies that influences our life and overcome their bad effects.. we don't need to realize late in life that we have missed out on some of the things in life or deal with Mid life crisis.

Following are the years when the planets matures

Sun: 21-22 years
Moon: 23-24 years
Mars: 27-28 years
Mercury: 31-32 years
Jupiter: 23-24 years
Venus: 24-25 years
Saturn: 35-36 years.
Rahu/Ketu 42 to 46 years 

Rahu and Ketu works at the subconscious level so they are the most important, complicated to understand and they take most time to mature.  Rahu is obsession in current life which causes imbalance. Where as Ketu is something we are withdrawn from. 

Midlife Crisis Meaning Astrology: 

If we have a obsession and are being withdrawn can causes imbalance in life. At the time of their maturity we realign our life to be all inclusive. If we do it sooner then we don't need to go through Mid Life crisis from anywhere between 35 till 50 years of age.

Midlife crisis age (Men midlife crisis /Women midlife crisis)

Midlife crisis age is from 42 to 46 it can vary for some it could start as early 35 and end as late as 50.  If we are living a balanced life we may not see any different in these age. If not then it is about realigning our-self to be happy. This is a critical age, if we take drastic actions without understanding it's implications we could end up worst than better through these years.

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