Saturday, July 19, 2014

One-on-One (1on1) with Yourself (Self Analysis) Astrology

A long time ago i did a detailed analysis for one of my friend. We went through each house, sign, planets and combinations of it.  If some one can do a self analysis like this then they don't need to talk to a astrologer. Just some thing which is good anytime we want to assess our life.

If we consult with an astrologer for this then.. it is our genuineity of accepting the analysis and work with the astrologer if the analysis is off. The purpose of the exerciser is to unearth the +ve and -ve in us to be able to fix or accept them. If we are not truthful in this then there is no opportunity to improve. Think of this as trying to read your mind and perspective. It will give you clues to your inclinations and filter out some of the distractions on your path.

We did the following for the analysis.
(He knew his strength,weaknesses and channelized his energies in right direction after the analysis)

1)  Explained each house 
2)  Sign of the house
3)  Planets in the house
4)  Combinations and how does a house, sign and Planet influnces a certain section of his life.
5)  Asked for the feedback on how the analysis reflected in his life
6)  Based on the analysis we listed the naturally strong and week areas.
7)  We discussed how to strengthen the strong areas.
8)  We discussed how to minimize the effect and strengthen the week areas. 

How did it help him?

1) He decided to have a plan to fix the week areas that he couldn't let go.
2) He got the answers on what is his strength which he could feel , but was not sure of. 
3) He let go some of the things that he was working really hard on to fix and were not that important, accepted them as they were and did minor changes to fix his expectation.

Following are some of the things at a high level how we traverse through the analysis .Houses are the areas of the life, Planets in which sign they are placed in houses effect the  house/area of life. These details does not cover all.. as it is very hard to have everything in one post.

This is like a 1on1 with yourself and the Universe

If interested use the consultation page


Following is a list of planets and their indications/influences.

Following is a list of signs and their indications/influences.

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