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Pattern of Planets Drives our life in Birth Chart Astrology

There is four station of life, Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha.  These four station of life divide into three sector which are self, others and universal. The houses 1 to 4 is is the sector of self, houses 5 to 8 sector of others and houses 9 to 12 sector of universal. Depending on the placements of planets in the birth chart shows person interest and who they are, and why they incarnate.

Check the number of planets in the birth chart, are they in the eastern direction (1st houses), or in the western half ( 7th house) or in the northern half ( 4th house), or southern half ( 10th houses) of the chart. Then make a list of the planets.

If the number of planets in the eastern half, The person is very self oriented and can dictate the course of his/her own personality and focused on self.

If the number of planets in the western half, The person is dependent on others, and able to handle things alone, the native always want help or have support from other people.

If the number of planets is more in the northern half, then the person is more internal than outer, thus, the native is more concerned with the spiritual and the invisible side of life.

If the number of planets is more in the southern half, then the person is more outer than internal, thus, the native is more concerned with the career and want to visible in the society. 

The placement of the planets at your time of birth form a shape or pattern. This system is based upon the placement and distribution of the planets within the chart and what each of them means. Planets can be placed in any pattern, but there is seven major pattern of planets in the birth chart which can tell about native personality without knowing his Ascendant, Sun and Moon sign.

Type 1: Splash

The planets are splashed all throughout the birth chart. The planets occupy almost all houses, and there are no adjacent vacant houses. The native can have diverse interests, has universal interests, and have interest in subject. The native will either scatter the energies indiscriminately. The native need to work hard to prevent being a “jack of all trades, master of none.

Type 2: Bundle

The planets are tightly bunched into no more than four of the houses of the birth chart. The native May have extreme focus on one area of life. These people can be obsessive, concentrating only on one area of life, and ignoring the rest of the area of life. These people can achieve a lot they need to be pulled out from small area of life, and should pay attention to the other area of life too.

Type 3: Bowl

All of the planets occupy half of the birth chart, they should be in 6 of the 12 houses. The subject is a strongly self-contained person and has great inner resources. The occupied half of the chart reveals the activity and organization of the self, which continually seek to explore the activity symbolized by the vacant half of the houses. These people feels like “something is missing” and seek experiences to balance out.

Type 4: Bucket

All planets except one (or two together) occupy no more than one half of the birth chart. The one or two planets together oppose the other planets. The single or two planet across the other side of the birth chart make the bucket “handle” and it’s especially emphasized as a life theme.      The handle planet is the most important planet of the bucket pattern, focusing the energy of the bowl planets and acting as their point of release. The native will direct his/her efforts toward a single direction.

Type 5: Seesaw

The planets are bunched into two opposing groups, like a bowtie. The native May feel pulled in two contrasting directions. Their life theme May be about learning compromise, being a mediator, or balancing oppositions in himself. The native realizes two directly opposed types of experience, thereby developing an awareness of conflict. The pattern of life has an up and down motion like seesaw.

Type 6: Locomotive

The planets occupy only 2/3 of the entire chart, they’re in 9 of the 12 houses. The remaining 1/3 of the chart can be an unexpressed area or, you May need to work harder to pay attention to this area. The native have a strong sense of lack that will produce an inner compulsion to seek fulfillment and will develop high executive abilities and a strong self-driving individuality.

Type 7: Splay

The planets are not arranged into any one of the other six patterns but are distributed somewhat irregularly around the birth chart, usually based upon three points of emphasis. . The native has the ability to entrench into own stronghold so that the native always has something to which can always turn in times of stress. You May have several strong interests or areas of strength. For example, a chart splayed in the 8th house of regeneration and the 10th house of career could indicate a person who’s successful in both her work and understanding about deep truth of life.

A stellium is formed when four or more planets are found in a house. If you find a stellium in any house, You experience an unusual amount of activity through matters concerning of that house.

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