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How to Clean Crystal and Gemstones Astrology

Why do Crystals and Gemstones have power? There are many theories but one of the most popular is that all crystals and gemstones have the capacity to absorb energies, emotions and knowledge. The variety in their composition means that each type absorbs different powers and
These powers are then naturally imparted to the user or wearer Crystals are identified by the content of their structure and minerals.

All crystals are formed from a limited number of minerals that bond differently. Some crystals take many forms and colors, because of slight mineral variations but there will share the same internal. What ever form they take, their crystalline structure can absorb, conserve, focus and emit energy. It is believed that by wearing, holding or carrying, gemstones which suits you, have the ability to influence, to heal, protect, and to transform your energy.

Why clear and cleanse your crystals?

We need to cleanse our crystals because sometimes the crystals can have unwanted energy. Like when you went to crystal store and you saw a beautiful crystal, there could have been lots of people touching the stone and that could be unwanted vibrations enter into the stone from the person in their unwanted emotional energy or May be unwanted stress. These crystals when they get the store first come from earth the pieces polished shapes and sizes and sent to the store. So these crystals handled roughly and then lots of people are catching them before they come to you so they might unwanted energy in them. Crystals have a tendency to absorb the energies around them. The other reason can be if some sell their gemstone for some need but you don’t know that you are purchasing used gemstone or crystal. A used gemstone will carry the energy of the person who have been used in the past. So this necessary to cleanse your gemstone or crystal to ward off the energy of that person. So it is very important to cleanse your newly acquired crystal or gemstone even if you found it. This is basically to remove any influences from anyone else who has handled the stone.

There are many many ways that you can cleanse crystals.  

Sea Salt Water: Many people like to use sea salt water because sea salt is a very cleansing mineral. You can fill a bowl of water, add sea salt, and then place your crystal in it. Crystals must offer a few hours preferably overnight so that all of the unwanted energy gets absorbed by the salt leaving the crystals sparkly clean and free of all of the negative energy and then throw out the sea salt water.  Some people visualize the crystal releasing old energies out into the sea salt water. Again, you don't want to use this method with delicate stones. Both sea salt and water can damage your crystals if left on them for too long. You can imagine this thing in this manner, how you feel if you to be in water for a too long time, in the same manner crystal feel.

Nature itself offers various means of purifying them. The light of the Moon and Sun, the
Water that flows in oceans and rivers, and the rich soil of the earth.

Mother Earth: This method considers the source of our beautiful crystals as Mother Earth. What better way to clear away negativity than by placing your stone back into its original place? For this method, a plant pot will do for at least a day, so that they May receive earth energies. You can either bury your stone in your backyard use a Marker, or you can simply gather some soil in a container, and place your stone within it, so that they May receive earth energies.

Running Water: You can hold your stones under running water to remove negative energy or simply hold your stone under a running faucet or in a stream. Wash each stone separately. If you plan to leave them to soak then use a Separate container of water for each stone.  Please be sure to use clean water for each stone. This May seem obvious to some but you'd be surprised how many people acquire several stones at once and just put them all to soak together in a single container. It's also important to use a natural container not one made of plastic.

Sunlight: Using the Sun to clear negative energies from your crystals is often used. For many stones, the Sun acts as a wonderful purifier. The method commonly used here is placing your stones outside for about ten to twenty minutes. Placing them outside in Sunlight so that they May get recharged or re-energized by the Sun.

Moonlight: Full Moon and the New Moon is best. Place your stones outside so that they May also receive energy from the Moon. This method is pretty safe, using the same method as above, except with the Moon instead of the Sun as the clearing agent. Of course, using the Moon, one need not worry about fading. Make sure your stones are in a safe place.

How do I choose my Crystals and Gemstones?

Choosing your Crystal or Gemstones doesn’t have to be hard. Actually, they will probably choose you. They pop into your life in mysterious and in magical ways. They’ll “speak” to you and sparkle like crazy. Crystals respond to thought and feelings so take your time in looking at them and just see if any “jump out” at you. Just look, don’t touch and see if you’re repeatedly drawn back to looking at the same one. Try not to let logic Decide for you – biggest isn’t always best! Let your intuition guide you & trust that feeling. It is then important to personalize your stone & get to know it. Take the time to hold each stone and feel it with your hands so that you May become attuned with it

Taking Proper Care of Gemstones and Crystals.

In addition to cleansing your gemstones and crystals from all forms of impurities, proper handling and crystals are also important for effectiveness of stones. Here are some important tips for you to remember in order to ensure that your gemstones and crystals are not only properly cleansed, but also kept and handled in a way that will maximize their effectiveness.

1. Never leave your gemstones and crystals on rough surfaces. Your stones May get scratches and incur minor damages, which can affect their performance. The luster of your stones will also be affected. When leaving your gemstones and crystals out in the Sun, make sure that you do so only within the allotted time frame. Leaving your gemstones and crystals out in the Sun and forgetting about them affects the quality of the cleansing process.

2. Attuned with your stones, knowing when they are thoroughly cleansed and when they need to be cleansed again.

3. When traveling with your gemstones and crystals, wrap each stone separately in a natural fabric like cotton, silk, or pure wool. Each stone has to be separately wrapped because each stone has different energies. Also, do not place heavy objects on top of them, even if they are securely wrapped in a thick material.

4. Do not store your gemstones and crystals in places where their energies can be disrupted. Electromagnetic fields from televisions, computers, and certain mobile devices May disrupt the natural flow of energies within your gemstones and crystals. Try not to store or display them near these electronic devices

Knowing how to properly cleanse and care for your gemstones and crystals is as important as knowing how to use them. If you do not take proper care of your gemstones and crystals, it will affect your connection and relationship with them, as well as how they perform for you. Gemstones and crystals are more than just beautiful rocks. Gemstones and crystals are alive they pulsate with powerful energies, and are connected with the consciousness of the Universe. It is wise to treat them with respect and to use them properly. What they can do for you in return is only limited by your imagination and knowledge

Consult with Crystal Healer before using them.

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