Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mars and Mercury Conjunction in Astrology

What is Mercury?
Mercury is the messenger, of the God (Sun, soul) what he see, listen, perceive, and gather information just give to the soul, and according to the all these information, soul (you) act. Mercury is neutral in nature. It behave according to the in which sign it is placed, and with which planets. If it placed with benefic planet it become benefic and if it placed with malefic it became malefic. Mercury represents siblings, neighbor, discrimination, intelligence, information, communication, speech, business, management, calculation and logical mind. It represents siblings, playfulness in our nature.

What is Mars ?
Mars is action, free will and will power for getting things done, it is our energy to do something, Mars is vitality, it is our ability to take action. Mars is very impulsive and spontaneous, It represents anger, sexual energy, passion and energy drive with in us.  Mars is discipline in the movement.

Mercury and Mars conjunction :

The aggressiveness Mars conjunct with Mercury gives independent mind, independent thoughts, words in action, having the courage to say what you think and brave enough to stand behind your words. The native can be aggressive or overly blunt in self-expression. Mercury is the significator of the speech, the native speak very aggressively, impatiently, with authority, shrewd, straight with black and white thinking. You are curious, enthusiastic, and energetic in your communications in general. Mars is energy and defensive, when these people speak they speak with forceful, boldly, in defensive way, and in a harsh way.  The native can be is intelligent and have analytical mind, depending on the sign of the conjunction. If the conjunction  is in good dignity of the Mercury then the native good conversation, debates and communication in overall general in life. They have a good convincing power about their ideas and schemes to the people. Hey become enthusiastic about every idea that comes into their mind. This conjunction excites the nervous system and they May be good in mental games, an architect, a machinist, metallurgist, or good at making chemical combinations such as medicines, or a carpenter. These people also have good salesmanship abilities, a good fighter verbally, can be quite impatient and preferring to keep things simple and direct. They can also take things very personally, and become very defensive, and can make it challenging for others t these people are enthusiastic, have energetic mind, practical and compulsive. They think quickly and suffer at times by being too selfish. They have a natural talent for occupations involving change and physical movement.

Depending upon where and which sign this conjunction  occurs, it varies in result.

Mars and Mercury conjunction in Aries: Communication is very forceful and dictator type. The native have strong ideas and willful communication. This is very good for such activities as sports and other engagements in life, which require good thinking and are joined with quick deliberate actions.

Mars and Mercury conjunction in Taurus: Communication is fine and the native like to put his/her energy in something productive things like, singing, artist and gardening. 

Mars and Mercury conjunction in Gemini: The native is very intelligent and put their energy in learning new things, enhance their skill, and  communication is very sharp. The native can be an artist, and craftsman or typist.  

Mars and Mercury conjunction in Cancer: Mars and Mercuey in Cancer, they both did not able to work well in water sign. The intelligence of the native becomes extremely defensive and  may act impulsively.

Mars and Mercury conjunction in Leo: Very domineering and boastful communication with people, always want to tell something big, however very creative mind and put energy in some creative work.

Mars and Mercury conjunction in Virgo: Mercury exalted in Virgo, these natives very intelligent and their intellectual energy have teamed up in this life. They think deep inside, flows out into actual activities.

Mars and Mercury conjunction in Libra: These people put their energy in making contacts with people good for business, trades and making deals. .

Mars and Mercury conjunction in Scorpio: These people May lies and quarrelsome. They are courageous and can be leaders, and full of energy. Doctors benefit from this combination, as do other professions, where the person must think and act. .

Mars and Mercury conjunction in Sagittarius: Put their energy in learning higher wisdom, exerting energy in pursuit of facts, knowledge and information. Finding new information to communicate.  Boastful and hopeful communication

Mars and Mercury conjunction in Capricorn: Your thinking is focused, does not have much stamina for communication, can be hypocritical and irreligious.

Mars and Mercury conjunction in Aquarius: Mars in Aquarius not in good sign, the native constantly defends them and reacts badly in communication.

Mars and Mercury conjunction in Pisces: Mercury debilitated in pieces. The native's lose his/her thinking power in emotions. The native is not able to speak properly and convey his/her message to the people. They need to learn how to control emotions so that they able to speak clearly. 

Mercury, Intelligence