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8th House Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter is the very important planet in astrology. Jupiter is very big planet which save earth from daily bombardment from the sky, likewise it saves from many bad things in our life. By looking Jupiter condition in the birth chart one can judge many things in life. Jupiter is God grace it represents many thing in life. e.g Guru grace, children, fortune, wealth and higher learning. If Jupiter is not good in the birth chart a person May suffer in many aspect of life. Jupiter behaves differently for each ascendant because it rule different houses, for different ascendant. The behavior of any planet dependent on which house planet rule in the birth chart, suppose Jupiter rule 6th, 8th and 12th its means Jupiter will give result of these houses and these houses considered unpleasant in astrology. So what happened when Jupiter in 8th house for different ascendant.

Eight house is the house of mystery, fears, anxiety crisis, sudden shocks, up and down in life, death, and transformation, and insecurity in life. This house also represents inheritances, money earned by other people and spouse resources, joint assets with spouse, and business. It is the house of abuse, spirituality, meditation, liberation of attachments from others, hidden, secret and underground thing e. G. Gems stone, mines, ground stores, oils resource and graveyards.

Aries Ascendant: Jupiter in Scorpio Sign in 8th house for Aries Ascendant and it rules 9th and 12th house. 9th house is benefic and 12th house is the house of surrender. The person is strong-willed, ambitious and persevering, and overbearing, can gains through unexpected income, investment, partner, litigation and minerals. Jupiter in 8th house in Scorpio sign gives desire to learn about 8th house things, like occult science, astrology, and other secrets of life. Because it rule 9th, the native May have hidden luck and it rule 12th house of let go, it makes vipreeta raj yoga, the native have knowledge about how to deal with 12th house things and find solution of things which is not in his/her control.

Taurus Ascendant: Jupiter in Sagittarius Sign in 8th house and it rules 8th and 11th house. 8th is considered malefic and 11th house gain house. For Taurus ascendant Jupiter rules his own house and Jupiter is strong here. The person is sincere, helping, fortunate, successful, much independent, have leadership qualities, can be guru, and enterprising. They stand a fair chance in any kind of matter. Gains after Marriage, through legacy, up and down in income, social circle, May suffer from a fall, good for inheritance and gaining money through gambling. Generally a wealth giving placement. Jupiter will generally not give good name, but increase in income, need to careful bad name.

Gemini Ascendant: Jupiter in Capricorn Sign in 8th house and it rules 7th and 10th house. 7th is house relationship house and support from others and 10th house career house. Jupiter debilitated in Capricorn sign. The natives steady, well-formed, gloomy, irrational, immodest, and inert. The person has high aspirations, good organizational abilities and intuition. There will be gain and success through high positions in life, business and foreign business. You are thrifty and positive. On negative side May suffer in relationship and from the government.

Cancer Ascendant: Jupiter in Aquarius Sign in 8th house and it rules 6th and 9th house. 6th is house unpleasant house, which we don’t want like and 9th house fortune house. This is kown as vipareeta raja yoga. The person is aware of 6th house things and able to deal with it. You are interested in philosophy, medicine, social service and spiritual pursuits. You want to grow in mind, body and soul and unite with truth. You are interested in how to make life better and more noble. You like art and music and the classical books. You are known for your interest in occult or deep spiritual matters. Jupiter rule both good and bad house, so Jupiter will generally give hard work which will confer recognition and increase in income.

Leo Ascendant: Jupiter in Pisces Sign in 8th house and it rules 5th and 8th house. 5th is house children and intelligence and 8th house represents sudden up and down in life.  Jupiter in own sign is strong and give mix result of good (5th) and bad (8th) house.  You have the good qualities of a strong Jupiter, have noble qualities, religious seeker, being intuitive, investigative, philosophical, prophetic, affectionate, generous, and humane. Also, you like to be charitable to others and learned and well versed in vedas and Shastras. Gain through speculation, investments and gambling. This flow of incomes or outflows depending upon inheritance, donations, gambling wins, endowments, and pensions.

Virgo Ascendant: Jupiter in Aries Sign in 8th house and it rules 4th and 7th house. 4th is house represent inner emotional wellbeing, and 7th house represents spouse and other people.  You successfully achieve intellectual and material growth. Gain through speculation, patrimony, children and partner. You May be in great authority, name and fame through religious links and even enemies. You have a clear consciousness and will develop interest in the opposite sex, wine, history and literature.

Libra Ascendant: Jupiter in Taurus Sign in 8th house and it rule 3rd and 6th house. 3rd is house represent courage and siblings and 6th house represents unpleasant things in life from which we don’t like. Both house considered cruel house in astrology. For Libra ascendant, Jupiter generally not give favorable results.  Sometimes the effect of this Jupiter May be Deceptive. For instance, it May help you obtain a loan, a subsidy, a financing, and it helps you to be granted quite huge amounts too but you May not be able to refund this money later on, so that eventually its presence in the 8th house May be adverse for you but you will be able to handle, because it makes vipareeta raja yoga.

Scorpio Ascendant: Jupiter in Gemini Sign in 8th house and it rules 2nd and 5th house. 2nd house represent wealth, family and self-esteem and 5th house represents money, children and intelligence, here Jupiter rule good houses. Jupiter rules two wealth giving houses. Generally a wealth giving placement through inheritance, through family and past life good deeds, and through gambling. You have a liking for literature, occult studies and enlightening things.  Have good logical wisdom so you can be an expert astrologer.

Sagittarius Ascendant: Jupiter in Cancer Sign in 8th house and it rules 1st and 4th house. 1st house represent identity and personality and 4th house represents home and inner peace, here Jupiter rule good houses. Jupiter exalted in Cancer sign. You are sociable, mannerly, cultured, well-liked by all, and benevolent at heart, devoted to the mother and your own heartfelt feelings, and want to help others. Jupiter in Cancer It makes person as a little special. Mixes up the fortunes of paternal inheritance with the misfortunes of family decay. You May feel insecurity over wealth. On the good side, this placement can give a long life span.

Capricorn Ascendant: Jupiter in Leo Sign in 8th house and it rules 3rd and 12th house. Here Jupiter rules two cruel and malefic houses. 3rd house represent courage and siblings and 12th house represent loss in life. For Capricorn ascendant Jupiter gives Secret service, judiciary, embassy and uncommon occurrences. Jupiter will generally not give favorable results. Here Jupiter will expand your hidden resources, unconscious power issues, investments with others and legacies. Jupiter expands your financial activities and deepens your sense of inner power. Can give problem from authority figures.

Aquarius Ascendant: Jupiter in Virgo Sign in 8th house and it rules 2nd and 11th house. Here Jupiter rule wealth houses. 2nd is house represent value system and wealth and 11th house represent social circle and gain of wealth. For Aquarius ascendant Jupiter is choosy about friends, have analytical mind, observant, promising, unorthodox about Marriage partner. Gains through literary pursuits and speculation in commercial investments. Precaution should be taken not involved in some bad work for money can give bad name and disappointment in life.  

Pisces Ascendant: Jupiter in Libra Sign in 8th house and it rules 1st and 10th house, here Jupiter rule good houses. 1st house represent identity and overall general health and 10th house represent career and reputation in life. . For Pisces ascendant Jupiter gives A cultured and gracious personality, and makes generous and helpful. You might gain through those good positions in career, and the highly reputed people. You May get trouble through unfaithful partners. You will be vulnerable to the affliction of secret pleasures and sorrows. You May have desire for sexual union with "religious" people.

Depending on the aspect and conjunction of the planet with Jupiter result May vary.

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