Friday, August 1, 2014

Rajyogas in Astrology

Rajyogas are important part in astrology to understand the basic pattern about life. The word “Rajyoga” means planets are placed in strong house. When planets placed in strong house the person have strong foundation in life. So how these yogas are formed?

There are combinations for Rajyogas and these are:

If the lords of trines (Trikon) and angle (Kendra) houses are placed in own house, then Rajyoga is formed. If the Lord of trines (Trikon)  and angles (Kendra) are placed in an in each other house, Rajyoga is formed. If the lords of trines (Trikon) and angles (Kendra) are influencing each other by aspecting, Rajyoga is formed. it is said if a person have rajyoga in their chart, does not face any sort of problems and have support throughout in his/her life and receives all sorts of benefits from rajyogas.

Angles Houses 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th and support from them. They are like the 4 pillars of a house form a square. A square is a figure of stability, as such they are houses of structure and consistent support, which they represent.

Trines houses 1st, 5th and 9th houses are the house of dharma, intelligence and support from divine source. The trines house leads to greater growth and truth through higher learning and following dharma. They are lucky and wealth houses, which gives wealth according to past good karma merits (following dharmic path in life).

So how these rajyoga work, let's explore the meaning of house which provide Rajyogas.

Angles Houses 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th and support from them.

First house: 1st house known as Rising Sign or physical body, stoung 1st house  brings support through good physical health, and identity.  The first house is the first pillar of our life which is our physical body.

Fourth house: 4th house known as emotions, good 4th house brings support through emotional well-being and inner Peace.  When 4th house it's powerful, we have strong emotional strength and the person have strong capacity to endure difficulty in life without losing inner peace.

Seventh house: 7th house represents spouse and others, strong 7th house brings support through partners and others. Our connection to other people is the most important connection we have in life in terms of self-growth.

Tenth house: 10th house is the karma house, bring support through status and reputation. Tenth shows the culmination of our identity, our inner peace, and our desire for interaction with others, fructified through our ability to deal, which gives strong 10th house.

Support of these houses from each other gives rise in life through good health, emotional peace, relationships with others and the ability to take action.

Trines houses 1st, 5th and 9th houses, and support from them.

First house: 1st house include in both angles and trines. Through 1st house we have growth in life through having a truthful sense of identity. The 1st house is 1st dharmic house and our truthful identity in this lifetime. It is the soul in the body which trying to awaken us. When the 1st house or 1st house ruler is strong, our sense of fulfillment is based on who we truly are based on dharmic path in life.

Fifth house: 5th house of children, learning and wealth, brings, growth through learning and having a healthy Intelligence. This is the house where we learn about dharma (2nd dharmic house) grow spiritually, and it holds the capacity of love each other. Eventually this also leads to spiritual awareness as we create our higher self (children).

Ninth house: 9th house of wealth, fortunate, blessing, guru and higher learning (3rd dharmic house).  9th house brings, Growth through belief in something which is beyond us (universe). The most meaningful things in life come through the 9th house, where we find from our gurus and our sense of meaning and purpose in life. In the 9th house, we are truly aligned with higher purposes, and the love of universe.

The trinal houses give support to each other. When we have a basic understanding of the value of good physical health and identity, which leads to greater intelligence, which will likely lead to higher learning. The trines are the houses where we awaken spiritually and help in to find our truthful identity.

For each ascendant lord of trines and angles are different. if the he planet that rules both angle and a trinal house, and sitting in these house it creates a Raja Yoga.

Mars is yogakaraka planet for Cancer and Leo,
Saturn is yogakaraka for Libra and Taurus,
Venus is yogakaraka for Aquarius and Capricorn.
All form Raja yogas, when they are in an angle houses (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th) or a trinal houses (1st, 5th or 9th).