Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Saturn, Mars and Moon Together (Conjunction) in Astrology

Saturn is the harsh planet. Saturn is stress, fear, and anxiety.  Saturn is cold, practical and realistic planet. Saturn is planet of karma, it deals with the karma whether it is good or bad. Saturn is structure, discipline, long term goals, and capacity to do hard work. Saturn makes to understand about life and allowing to live a meaningful life.

Mars is free will and will power for getting things done, it is our energy to do something, Mars is vitality, it is our ability to take action. Mars is very impulsive and spontaneous, It represents anger, sexual energy, passion and energy drive with in us.  Mars is discipline in the movement.

Moon: The Moon represents Moon is Conscious, mother, emotions, mind, feelings, thoughts, imagination, and fame.  Moon emotional response to your environment. Moon shows the way you think and react to situation. How emotional or unemotional you are depends upon the condition of the Moon.

Whenever there are three or more planets together in the birth chart be it sign wise or house known as stellium and they produce intense energy related with the house and they are in and the house they rule.

Planets in a stellium can show great promise. Stelliums and triple conjunctions can be a great asset. You probably have a strong sense of a mission, purpose, or a dream that fuels your efforts. Having a passion like this one can make life quite an adventure, or a meaningful journey. With an intense focus on one house and sign of your chart, you can grow a great deal through your experiences in those areas over the years. Over the course of a lifetime, you can accumulate a considerable body of work in areas related to placement of the stellium. Several different kinds of energy are brought to bear on the matters of that house. Thus, you May develop a unique range of useful skills. There is some disadvantage of stellium the person May be so focused on one area that you lack a healthy mental, emotional, and physical balance. There’s too much riding on one project, mission, or one area of life.

This conjunction creates a very turbulent mind because Mars and Saturn opposite in nature and it combine with the Moon (mind). One of the most effects of this conjunction is anger problems inside. Mars is anger and Saturn is restriction, due to that, the native have extremely intense anger emotions but not able to release his/her anger, and not peaceful inside. These people have an inclination towards getting easily emotionally excited but not able to do anything about their feeling. It can also be difficult for them to be cooperative when feeling hurt as they are also prone to being over-sensitive. The person doesn't do well with restrictions, and resists any attempts at control by others and suffer emotionally. .

In what Sign and house this conjunction occur it matter. Let’s say if this conjunction occurs in Libra, and Libra is a relationship sign. The native will suffer in relationship with partners and others people. Earlier emotional conflicts that have been left unresolved are often vented onto a partner.  There is a tendency for a rough and selfish kind of love. The native can be touchy, and sometimes one that outburst of anger. The Moon is conscious, the part of the personality that responds automatically. It could have involved domestic discord, violence or physical abuse. The Moon-Mars-Saturn person needs to look back to the past and see if there is still something with someone that has made them angry, wounded and raging inside. An understanding partner is helpful, and sometimes they act as filter for all of that which the native not able to let it out.

Moon represents mother in astrology, the relationship with mother will suffer. Buried emotional turmoils from childhood with mother, family arguments, and anger frequently directed towards the mother. The Moon-Mars-Saturn person not able to acts quickly on the basis of their feelings, they need to find an outlet to vent those feelings until they learn to handle them.  The person needs be aware of their inner strength and energy and direct it positively.

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa, pour water on Shivling on Saturday morning. 

Saturn teaches, what to learn in this life