Thursday, May 14, 2015

Growing in Silence/Meditation (As they say Silence is Golden)

It is a strange thing to say.. How can  we grow/(get better) in silence? How does it help..

What do we need to do as part of silence..

1)  List down all the open issues.
2) How important are those issues.
3) If those issues are not important or we can live without them then let it go.
4) If that is something we need to deal with .. then make a priority list.
5) What can I do as a person to minimize the impact of the issue.

When we do this in silence.. we are going through the self analysis. This is self centric as we need to find our thoughts to be aligned with the surroundings to be at peace. Sometimes we need to step back and think of our surroundings.. we may need to do the following..

1) Rethink the problem.
2) Think about People involved in the problem.
3) How we are presenting or communicating the problem.
4) How our perspective is different than before with the people involved
5) What new skills are needed to resolve the problem.

When we go quite .. the real thinking starts 

When we look inwards as that's how we perceive the world .. lot of things will get hashed out with realignment... This is something that is difficult to write a blog post on .. as this needs to be experienced.

Following is a list of some articles which will help you look inwards and decide on what needs to be done.

Self Improvement