Friday, May 1, 2015

So many Problems/Wrongs/Faults around me (Self Analysis)

Read the following statements and think, are you or who around you are these
  • I can find fault in any thing or anyone.
  • Yes, it won't work .. It is not my fault.. (Who will fix your problem?)
  • If you cannot define success how will universe figure out to make you success full
  • Do you know what you need to do today and how many things you were able to..
With so many problems/wrong/faults around us with no solution .. How will we be happy, afford our families and pay our bills.

When we look at thing with this perspective we will find faults in every thing around us as glass is always half empty. It is never half full.. how do you feel about those kind of people and I think with this attitude we will never be confident and comfortable with life as we are not sure of things and interactions around us.

With this attitude even if someone wants to help us will not be either as we will find faults in the person trying to help us .. so we even cannot be helped either and we will cook-up big faults when there are small or none.

Anytime you think you have a fault  or the other person is at fault or the glass is half empty.. think of it as this is preventing you from being happy.. This will make your mind engaged to find a solution or compromise so that things are better.

Being practical and being critical has a very fine line .. we owe it to our-self to be diligent on it as what we are labeling as being practical could be the glass is half empty kind of attitude.

There is always something we can do in any situation to minimize the bad effects on us .. Little by little we will find our way out. In geeta it is said we come alone and go alone from this life .. So if there is no one around us who can help.. we need to help ourselves and support people around us.

It is expansive to be poor in US or as a matter of fact where ever we live.. If these things are preventing us from living a better life or better finance and happy we need to rethink how things are around and what do we need to do for a better life.

With this we are preventing life to come to us .. we are not letting it giving us joy and happiness. 

So we will end-up being poor and live in the limitation and think before buying anything or START THINKING OF SOLVING YOUR PROBLEMS!!!

Easy way out... We all want a easy way out In fact me as well .. is there any easy way out ? May be some people are lucky .. if we are not .. let's try to focus and do something about it..

If for all issues/problems we can easily blame someone else around us then it is not a problem with others. It is a problem with our-self than others.

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”