Sunday, May 17, 2015

Vedic Astrology and Planets

Vedic Astrology is a system of transcendent soul nature to the physical form and tangible worldly life. In vedic system there is seven visible planets and two invisible planets in the sky which known as North node and South node.

As we know life on earth created by Sun and Moon, if sun does not exist we will die or if moon slips off from its orbit we can not exist either. Sun is the Masculine energy and Moon is a Feminine energy. These are the two planets which create life on earth.

In astrology there is 12 sign and each sign ruled by planets. There are six sign which are masculine and six are feminine.

The masculine and feminine sign ruled by planets are:

Leo ( Sun )    
Cancer  ( Moon )
Virgo ( Mercury )
Gemini ( Mercury )   
Libra ( Venus )
Taurus ( Venus )  
Aries  ( Mars )  
Scorpio ( Mars )  
Sagittarius ( Jupiter )   
Pisces ( Jupiter  )
Aquarius ( Saturn )
Capricorn  ( Saturn )

The concepts of masculine and feminine are universal. These masculine and feminine energy exist with in us through chakra system.

As we know all the planets exist within us in the form of astral bodies.  If we look at Vedic south Indian chart, the planets connects with feminine and masculine energy  of the chakra system of the human body and they exist in pair. e. g. Venus in Taurus is feminine and Venus in Libra is masculine.

Vedic astrology does not work with the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These outer planets does not rule any sign and house in vedic astrology, but these planets considered as a forces of trinity means forces of destruction ( Pluto), perseverance ( Neptune), creator ( Uranus).